A proposed calendar change at MUSD would have school starting in July but two-week breaks for fall and spring.

Maricopa Unified School District’s Governing Board decided Wednesday to further seek community feedback on an adjusted school calendar before they make a final decision.

The proposed calendar change will mandate “two-week fall and spring breaks, the addition of Wednesday to the Thanksgiving holiday break and two additional teacher days during the school year.”

See the Proposed Calendar compared to the Traditional Calendar.

Board members unanimously agreed to table the measure pending an extension of a survey they felt was not adequately utilized.

Only 6 percent of survey recipients responded.

Board member Torri Anderson cited the timing of the survey as one of the reasons there may have been a low participation rate.

“They went out during the holidays, and I think a lot of parents missed it,” Anderson said. “I received many, many emails in the last 24 hours from parents who did not know.”

Board Vice President AnnaMarie Knorr also felt the issue warranted further assessment.

“We don’t even adopt policies unless we have them at two meetings,” Knorr said. “This is a huge change, and this is the first time we have publicly discussed it.”

Despite recommending approval of the new calendar, Director of Human Resources Tom Beckett also expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of external response from parents and concurred with the board suggesting a survey extension would be a good idea.

He said the survey will simply be reopened, meaning those who have already participated do not have to resubmit.

Those who haven’t and would like to chime in can do so through Feb. 6 at the following link — https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LV3H68L .


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