Hidden Valley shows elevated levels

Pinal County Department of Air Quality issued an ozone high-pollution advisory for Pinal County on Wednesday.

Forecast weather conditions (sunny and 112 in Maricopa) combined with existing ozone levels are expected to result in ozone concentrations that pose a health risk.

Ozone is an air contaminant that can cause breathing difficulties for children and people with respiratory problems. A decrease in physical activity is recommended.

Particulate matter (PM10) in and around Hidden Valley was elevated again Tuesday morning, according to the air-quality department.

“While the Hidden Valley PM10 daily average isn’t expected to exceed the health standard today, these elevated early morning hours show that there still is the possibility on any given day, and it’s all dependent on local dust generating activities, local dust controls and Mother Nature,” forecaster Scott DiBiasi stated.

By Thursday, increased winds may bring in some clouds. At this point, however, no rain is in the weekend forecast.


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