By Michelle Chance

A local group is thinking outside the box when it comes to traditional libraries.

MOMS Club of Maricopa will utilize the help of a boy scout to construct three “little free libraries” in local subdivisions by June.

The concept and design plan are inspired from the non-profit organization of the same name.

The little library is a small, wooden structure fixed atop a post. A hinged door swings open to reveal books on shelves. A latch secures the door and literature inside.

The local group of stay-at-home moms considers it a way to build a sense of community where “people come in and are able to give something and take something as well,” said MOMS Club Secretary Jomarie Bradt.

The book swap operates on an honor system, according to members. There is no sign-out list or time limit. A book should be returned or replaced by another. And it’s all done free to the reader.

Club President Jessica Holmes said the project is not meant to replace the public library but provide children even more access to books.

A Boy Scout from Troop 993 will organize the construction and installation of the group’s first three libraries as part of his Eagle Scout project.

The first will be mounted near a playground at Lousandra Drive and Kristal Lane in Senita. Supplies will likely be donated from area hardware stores. His project will also include a book drive.

MOMS Club of Maricopa Board Members meet at Pacana Park to discuss the future of little libraries in local neighborhoods. (From left): Treasurer Sophia Ruiz, Secretary Jomarie Bradt, Vice President Emily Marney and President Jessica Holmes. Not pictured: Member Vice President Ashley Wallace-Crutchfield. Photo by Michelle Chance

Other libraries could pop up in Cobblestone and Alterra South before next summer, given funding and approval from homeowners associations, members said.

It’s the group’s goal to install more than 10 little libraries in Maricopa neighborhoods – three every year, Holmes said.

Other funding will come directly from the club. Members will monitor the libraries in weekly rotations to ensure books are stocked and clean. Members plan to host book drives to keep the supply steady.

The local moms’ group has been a charter of MOMS Club International since 2005. Members offer support to fellow mothers through playdates for children from birth to school age. The club initiates several service projects every year and donates annually to local nonprofit organizations.

The charter has also recently launched its Just Us Moms Play (JUMP) group which comprises of outings with stay-at-home mothers of school-aged children.





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