Ramon Aguirre del Sid, Jermaine R. Padillas Gonzalez, Marcila Aguirre Rico, Marcon Thobourne Jiminson and Argel Ramon Vega Castillo were all arrested Monday by PCSO

Pinal County Sheriff’s deputies arrested four men on marijuana charges in the Stanfield area Monday, and a fifth man on Papago Road faces theft charges.

Ramon Aguirre del Sid, 43, and Jermaine R. Padillas Gonzalez, 29, were arrested near Stanfield Road and Interstate 8. Both were charged with possession of marijuana for sale and transporting marijuana. They were booked on a $150,000 bond each, with a preliminary hearing set for Aug. 18.

Marcila Aguirre Rico, 49, and Marcon Thobourne Jiminson, 20, were arrested on Stanfield Road and charged with possession and transportation of marijuana. Both were booked on $150,000 bond and were scheduled for arraignment Aug. 18.

Argel Ramon Vega Castillo, 24, was arrested just before 10 a.m. on West Papago Road on a warrant for two counts of theft and a charge of failure to appear. He was given a bond of $535 on the latter charge, but no bond on the theft charges.


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