Temperatures will climb back over 111 degrees by week's end. Photo by Adam Wolfe

By Adam Wolfe

The early part of the work week could see scattered thunderstorms and rain, but temperatures are expected to eclipse 110 degrees by the end of the week.

According to the National Weather Service, storm systems should hover over Maricopa from Monday to Wednesday causing mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers. By Thursday morning though, the storms should have moved through the area, and a wave of extreme heat is expected to take their place.

Despite overcast skies, the expected high for Monday is 104 degrees. The day should feature mostly cloudy skies with winds staying calm near 5 mph. There is a 10 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms before 11 p.m., but the storms are expected to linger into Tuesday.

Tuesday is expected to see a slight increase in temperature to a high of 107 degrees. The winds will also increase, but they’ll still be relatively calm at 11 mph. The NWS is predicting a 10 percent chance of thunderstorms and rain after 11 a.m. The chances increase to 30 percent Tuesday night.

The temperature is expected to continually climb into Wednesday with the high reaching 108 degrees. The forecast for Wednesday calls for partly cloudy skies and a 10 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms. The chances increase to 20 percent Wednesday night, but the storms are expected to blow through by 11 p.m. The wind is expected to remain calm near 5 mph.

As Thursday approaches, the heat is expected to spike to 110 degrees. Lingering humidity from the storms could cause Thursday to feel even hotter as well. Residents should take precautions when traveling during the peak heat hours of 2 to 5 p.m. Roadways, tires and car interiors will be extremely hot.

The extreme heat is expected to last through Friday as well. The expected high for Friday is 111 degrees.


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