Leon Potter

Dear Editor:

I want to reintroduce myself to the voters of the City of Maricopa. My name is Leon Potter. I am a write-in candidate for city council member.  I moved to Maricopa with my wife and three children in April 2005. Soon after, I volunteered as a youth soccer coach in the Maricopa Parks and Recreation soccer program.

In 2010, I threw my hat into the ring as a mayoral candidate. While it wasn’t a successful bid, I learned a valuable lesson.  I needed to understand more about our City and its residents by being more involved.

After the 2010 elections, I was appointed to the Parks, Recreation, Library Advisory Committee. I volunteered and joined local non-profits. Incidentally; I also started my own, home-based business. I still operate my business today.

In 2012, I tried my hand in local politics, again. This time I was elected as a city council member. Since I left office in 2014, I have continued to be active in our community. In 2017, I was appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission, elected to my HOA board, elected as a board member to the American Legion Post 133, and I volunteered on the Maricopa Veteran’s Day Parade committee.

Since my first political campaign in 2010, I have never used campaign signs. In fact, I’ve never accepted campaign contributions. Instead, since 2012, I’ve encouraged (potential) campaign donors to give to their favorite local charities. Thank you for considering me as a Maricopa City Council member.


Leon Potter


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