Councilman Leon Potter, who recently began an effort to recall fellow Councilman Bridger Kimball because of a 2012 DUI arrest, resigned Monday and plans to run for mayor. 

Potter said his decision stems from Mayor Christian Price’s unwillingness to publicly demand Kimball resign his council seat because of the DUI.

Potter said Price told him in a meeting Monday morning he thinks drinking and driving is wrong and elected officials should be held to a higher standard, but people who have approached the mayor about the issue have stated Kimball should stay in office.

Potter added that “as a leader,” if Price truly believes these things, “he should say so even if it seems unpopular.”

“Let me make it very clear, I disagree with drinking and driving to the enth degree,” Price told, adding he wouldn’t want his children getting hit by a drunk driver, or someone who runs a red light or a person texting on their cell phone.

Price also said he’s told Kimball he disagreed with the councilman’s decision to drink and drive. However, the mayor acknowledged Kimball did take responsibility for his actions, and said the decision to resign falls on his shoulders.

“This is a personal decision of Councilman Kimball’s,” he said. 

As for the feedback he’s gotten from the public, Price confirmed he’s heard more people in support of Kimball staying in office than having him resign.

“The outcry that I’ve perceived has been far less than ‘let him go,’” he said.


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