Linemen prepare a power pole on Honeycutt Road for a shift. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

The overpass project in the middle of Maricopa has a lot of moving parts just for preparation. One of those parts is utility poles throughout the area.

Power lines on State Route 347 and Honeycutt Road are being affected by the pending construction.

“We are installing underground power cables and removing overhead power lines and poles,” ED3 Operations Manager Evan McCullough said.

The power line on SR 347 from Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway to Hathaway Avenue is being removed. Honeycutt Road will become essentially an onramp to the overpass, requiring ED3 to raise the height of its power poles along Honeycutt east of SR 347.

The poles along Honeycutt are also being re-spaced.


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