Two Shih Tzu puppies were among the dogs available for adoption during Pinal County Animal Care and Control’s adoption event on Saturday. Photo by Adam Wolfe

The Pinal County Animal Care and Control showcased some of their most playful and lovable dogs during its adoption event in front of the Maricopa Pet Club on Saturday.

Families interested in adopting a puppy were able to visit and interact with very playful potential new members of their family. Pinal County Animal Care and Control brought four puppies and one adult dog in a portable, air conditioned trailer. The cats were left at the care and control center this time around, but if the events catch on, kittens could become part of the monthly event as well.

“We’re here just to get the word out that we are here to save animals and help everyone find their forever home,” Riksta Dickerson of Pinal County Animal Care and Control said.

These events are meant for families or individuals looking to provide a happy home for the animals. Since so much care goes into taking care of the dogs, the expectation is for these animals to spend their lives with their adopted owners.

“We really want to get more involved in Maricopa,” Pinal County Animal Care and Control volunteer coordinator Lynda Nesbitt said. “We have been focused in Casa Grande so far, and we’d like to branch out a bit. Hopefully this will be a regular event each month.”

Pinal County has hosted their first adoption event in July, and they hope to host a new adoption event by the Pet Club each month. The cost to adopt varies with each puppy, but each animal is spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped, so they can be adopted on site.

For more information on the adoption events, call Pinal County Animal Care and Control at (520) 509-3555.


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