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By Pat Lairson

As children prepare to go back to school this month, even if you don’t have children you can feel the effects of school starting throughout the city. We drive just a little slower through our subdivisions, and the crosswalks are filled with children walking to and from school.

As a parent, how much did the school your child attends affect your decision to buy the home you are in? How do school ratings affect the property values in a city overall?

As a Realtor, I get asked by buyers about the schools in Maricopa. I usually will hand out a list of schools including the charter schools and community college. A question like, “Are the schools in Maricopa good?” is a loaded question. What makes a school good?

There are usually so many questions within that question that a simple answer cannot be applied. I will direct the buyer to the Maricopa Unified School District website and the charter school websites. There is a wealth of information there about programs that can help a parent decide what school is best for their child. I also refer a parent to websites like, which uses a 5-star rating system based on a number of different factors including enrollment, student/teacher ratios and test scores.

In a 2016 study, it was found that homes in the best school districts, on average, sell for higher prices than similar homes in less-popular school districts. Also, one out of five homebuyers said they would pay 6 to 10 percent above their budget for the right school. One out of 10 would double that to 20 percent. So, school ratings can affect property values along with many other factors.

Maricopa is a unique city, though, in that there are multiple schools a parent can choose from within a short distance of each other.

There are 299 single-family HOA subdivision homes on the market for sale. August typically slows down a bit as families adjust to school and a schedule shift. The lowest-priced home is listed at $149,900, and the highest price is $479,900.


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