Sgt. Leonard Perez talks about fighting crime in Maricopa in this week's Spotlight interview.

Sgt. Leonard Perez of the Maricopa Police Department stopped by our InMaricopa Studio to discuss the current state of public safety in the city and how it will improve with the opening of the substation at Copper Sky Multigenerational Complex.

Like all cities, Maricopa has crime. The areas of focus for the MPD are traffic and driving conditions along State Route 347, youth crime prevention, domestic abuse and theft. However, MPD takes a proactive approach to prevent crime before it happens.

“The biggest thing is to address the underlying problem,” Perez said. “You can’t arrest away your problems. The 347 is always a challenge. There are other problems we’d like to address before they happen.”

The department has developed Community Action Teams (CAT) to combat the issues. Perez believes the Copper Sky substation opening soon will showcase the department’s transparency and allow Maricopa residents to be more comfortable addressing officers with questions and concerns.

“Being on the south end of the city allows those residents to have that direct contact with us,” Perez said. “It just creates a great bond with them, and it lets them know we are human and approachable.”

The new Copper Sky substation will also serve as a dispatch center and communications hub for the Maricopa Police Department.


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