Frazier Show workers put up a carnival in the parking lot at Copper Sky. Photo by Michelle Chance

A surprise carnival seemingly sprouted in Maricopa overnight.

The carnival opens Thursday at 6 p.m. at Copper Sky’s south parking lot. Valley-based carnival company Frazier Shows will run the carnival through Sunday.

The event comes near the end of the first week of Stagecoach Days, a two-week celebration of Maricopa’s heritage.

A promotional coupon shared on social media sparked excitement – and confusion – for residents earlier this week who said they were surprised by the short-notice of the event, and questioned whether a carnival was really coming.

That rumor was laid to rest Tuesday when residents reported seeing carnival workers assembling rides at Copper Sky.

Interim Parks Director Fred Gray said a zoning hearing officer approved a temporary-use permit for organizers Tuesday night. Gray clarified the carnival is not a city-sponsored event, but a carnival that is occurring during Stagecoach Days.

“This sort of started through the special-event process, then when it got further along with staff reviews about what was required with regard to parking and dust control mitigation, at some point during that process it was determined that it was better to issue a temporary-use permit as opposed to a special-use permit because it wasn’t a city-sponsored event. It was more of a rental, so that sort of delayed it,” Gray said.

The city used to sponsor Stagecoach Days events in past years, but currently there is no central organizer for it. The city now promotes independent community events during the two-week period in October on its website.


Carnival Hours:

Thursday: 6-10 p.m.

Friday: 6-11 p.m.

Saturday: 2-11 p.m.

Sunday: 2-7 p.m.

Unlimited Ride Wristbands: (Only valid through certain hours)

Thursday: $20, from 6-10 p.m., $15 with coupon

Friday: None

Saturday: $20, 2-6 p.m., $15 with coupon

Sunday: $20, 2-6 p.m., $15 with coupon

One coupon per person is required. Wristbands are sold up to one hour before the special is over, according to an event flyer.

Visit the Frazier Shows Facebook Page for carnival coupons and more information.


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