The photo contest Maricopa Shutter Shots is the only city-sponsored event left of Stagecoach Days. The community is asked to create activities of its own if it wishes to see the tradition continue.

Maricopa’s two-week celebration of its history and heritage will sink or swim on the efforts of community members. Once the community’s biggest annual event, Stagecoach Days has had difficulty maintaining its existence.

In its heyday, before incorporation, Stagecoach Days events were organized by community members and local organizations. Events included stagecoach rides, a barbecue, a community dance and much more.

As events dried up, city staff tried to carry on the tradition with attempts at a variety of events. Due to low interest in previous years, Special Events & Marketing Manager Niesha Whitman said the city will not hold a large Stagecoach event nor Pecan Pride, but will instead focus its autumn efforts on the large holiday celebration, Merry Copa.

The one Stagecoach Days event the city will sponsor is the annual photo contest Shutter Shots on Oct. 15 from midnight to 11:59 p.m., however.

“It’s a good time for families to get out and enjoy the weather cooling down. It’s an opportunity to do some fun and exciting things,” Whitman said.

The purpose of the Maricopa Shutter Shots Digital Photo Contest is to capture a typical day in the life of Maricopa in 2017, to be saved in the city’s archives. Winners will be put on display at the library Oct. 21-28. Learn more at

For residents and organizations that wish to create a Stagecoach Days event or two, the time set aside for Stagecoach Days is Oct. 9-23. Event organizers can email to request promotion by the city.

Autumn in Maricopa will see other events including the annual Mud Run on Oct. 28 at Copper Sky and the return of the Second Saturday Market in November.

This story appears in the October issue of InMaricopa.


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