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Maricopa Police are investigating a shooting death on Sagebrush Trail. Photo by Mason Cajellas

Maricopa Police Department has identified the man who was shot to death at a home in Rancho El Dorado on Friday but cannot release the name publicly until next of kin is notified.

Finding those relatives in the Midwest has been difficult, according to MPD spokesman Ricardo Alvarado.

Police are also looking for information on a white minivan that witnesses saw at the house around the time of the shooting. The minivan may or may not be related to the incident, but police want to hear from anyone who may know the identity of the owner or the whereabouts of the van.

If the minivan is related to the shooting, the owner could face charges. No license plate number is available.

The incident was first reported to MPD around 2 p.m. Friday when witnesses described three shots being fired in the home on Sagebrush Trail. A man’s body was found in the garage. The medical examiner’s office transported the body Friday night and a positive identification was made.

Anyone with information on the white minivan is asked to call MPD on its non-emergency line: 520-568-3673.

The Maricopa Police Department is accepting state grant money to assist in DUI enforcement and community education programs beginning this winter.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety GOHS) awarded the department a total of $63,348 for new equipment and traffic and driving-under-the-influence enforcement for 2017, the bulk of which is earmarked for officer overtime pay.

The city applied for the grants in October.

Of the funds, $20,000 is specifically designated for overtime compensation to help the department with DUI enforcement.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there were an estimated 1,200 alcohol-related traffic deaths during the 2015 holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day), a number these funds are designed to help curb.

An additional $4,300 is being awarded to purchase blood alcohol content, or BAC, testing equipment, including six new Preliminary Breath Testing (PBT) machines and a phlebotomist chair to aid with blood testing.

Another $27,718 of the GOHS grant will be used to assist with regular traffic enforcement. Most of that money will also go to overtime pay, however the department plans to use a portion of the funds to purchase additional radar systems and new communications antennas. drunk-driving-logo

With remaining funds, the MPD plans to provide overtime for officer training and equipment purchases that will promote pedestrian/cycling safety education, and vehicle occupancy/Child Passenger Safety education.

According to the MPD spokesman Ricardo Alvarado, the city has benefited greatly from past GOHS grants, and their continued financial assistance is a reflection of the MPD’s performance.

“MPD has been fortunate enough over the years to receive multiple grants through GOHS,” Alvarado said. “This is in part due to the exceptional job our officers are doing, but also due to our ability to report results back to GOHS and show the funds are making a difference.”

Alvarado went on to say that with Maricopa’s continuing growth they will continue to partner with the GOHS, and others, to insure that the department will “grow efficiently, provide services to the community, and keep up with technological advances.”

Each fall the GOHS provides grants to qualifying police and fire departments across the state to assist overtime funding and equipment purchases that will promote public safety.

The Maricopa Police Department honored its own with an annual award ceremony. The Maricopa Police Foundation hosted the dinner at Province Nov. 5.

Officer of the Year: Kevin Mellor
Sergeant of the Year: Joshua Paulsen
Civilian Employee of the Year: Kimberly Clark
Volunteer of the Year: Libby Pedrazzani
Explorer of the Year: Ethan Griffin

In addition, meritorious service coins were presented to Commander James Hughes, Officer Chris Evans, IT Peder Thygesen and IT Thomas Brannon.

Guest speaker at the ceremony was FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael DeLeon.

Burglary of unsecured vehicles parked on streets or driveways remains a top crime in Maricopa, which still has one of the lowest burglary rates in the state.

Using FBI crime numbers from 2015, a national security company named Maricopa to its Top 10 list of burglary-safe Arizona cities.

Maricopa is No. 8.

Protect America’s annual list is comprised of data from the FBI Uniform Crime Report. That reported 94 burglaries within Maricopa’s population of more than 48,000 last year.

“A lot of the credit does need to go to the community members who look out for each other, who talk with each other,” Maricopa Police Chief Steve Stahl said. “We live in a community where people really do care about each other. Whether it’s a brand new development or the Heritage District where everybody knows everybody, we look out for each other, and that’s what makes a safe community.”

Stahl said the third-highest call for service is suspicious activity. He views that as a sign residents are watching their neighborhoods.

“Our hope in creating these Top 10 lists is to raise burglary awareness and offer home security tips to communities that need them,” said Zane Schwarzlose, community liaison with Protect America.

Maricopa was the second-largest Arizona city in the so-called Safe Zone. Gilbert was No. 9 on the list. No. 1 in the Safe Zone was Florence with just 1.26 burglaries per 1,000 people, though Stahl pointed out the stats include prisoners in population numbers. Meanwhile, Tolleson had the highest ratio of burglaries to residents last year at 31 per 1,000 people.

Chief Steve Stahl
Chief Steve Stahl

“We value CompStat. We look at daily crime, daily trends, weekly trends,” Stahl said. “And if we are seeing a concern, the operations commander collects his people to address those things.”

That involves a crime analyst and a partnership with the Arizona Fusion Center to find likely suspects. When burglaries and thefts increase in a neighborhood, analysis helps officers find a cause.

“It could be one a variety of things: Somebody just got released from jail and now they’re back to their old ways; it could be that the HOA made some new rule that not everyone has to keep their coach lights on all the time anymore; it could be somebody new moved into the neighborhood,” Stahl said.

With CompStat, MPD identifies problems and develops a plan to approach the problem, including officers canvassing on foot.

The key to successfully finding a deterrent is the “relentless follow-up.” For Stahl, that means, “solving that problem to the chief’s satisfaction.”

He credits volunteers and their house-watch program with being a great crime deterrent. The program gives MPD another marked vehicle and another set of eyes in neighborhoods.

The most common theft in Maricopa comes back to residents’ behavior – allowing possessions to be easy pickings.

“Unfortunately, at least seven out of 10 of our break-ins are unlocked vehicles and open doors and open windows,” Stahl said. “I mean, everybody wants to enjoy the nice, cool nights now. People still need to vigilant and take measures to protect themselves.”

Unlocked cars parked on streets or in driveways, especially unlighted driveways, are a particular temptation. Stahl has always asked residents to park their vehicles in their garages, but simply locking vehicles is a burglary-prevention tactic.

“Most bad people, if the door is locked and you haven’t left anything visible in the car, they’re going to go to the next car,” Stahl said. “If they have to force their way in, they’re going to leave some evidence behind.”

Report: http://bit.ly/2ebQ0Pq

2016 Arizona Burglary Safe Zones
1. Florence: Population 26,926, Burglaries 34 [1.26 burglaries per 1,000 people]
2. Mammoth: Population 1,476, Burglaries 2 [1.36]
3. Sahuarita: Population 28,067, Burglaries 44 [1.57]
4. Thatcher: Population 5,065, Burglaries 8 [1.58]
5. Marana: Population 41,302, Burglaries 69 [1.67]
6. Willcox: Population 3,569, Burglaries 6 [1.68]
7. Oro Valley: Population 42,258, Burglaries 79 [1.87]
8. Maricopa: Population 48,193, Burglaries 94 [1.95]
9. Gilbert: Population 247,324, Burglaries 530 [2.14]
10. Sedona: Population 10,340, Burglaries 25 [2.42]

2016 Arizona Burglary Hot Spots
1. Tolleson: Population 7,029, Burglaries 219 [31.17]
2. Miami: Population 1,771, Burglaries 42 [23.72]
3. Quartzsite: Population 3,613, Burglaries 65 [17.99]
4. Globe: Population 7,333, Burglaries 89 [12.14]
5. Wickenburg: Population 6,760, Burglaries 69 [10.21]
6. Holbrook: Population 5,007, Burglaries 48 [9.59]
7. Apache Junction: Population 38,519, Burglaries 352 [9.14]
8. El Mirage: Population 33,985, Burglaries 282 [8.30]
9. Glendale: Population 240,374, Burglaries 1,986 [8.26]
10. Phoenix: Population 1,559,744, Burglaries 12,798 [8.21]

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Tessa Milne talks about surviving with domestic abuse.

Maricopa Police Department responds to 50-70 domestic violence calls a month, and Chief Steve Stahl calls them among the most dangerous. The community has resources to respond to and help prevent these issues, which were discussed throughout the month of October.

Perry T. Taylor is accused of grappling with an MPD officer. (PCSO photo)

A Maricopa Police Officer was released from a Chandler hospital after sustaining minor injuries during a physical altercation which took place while conducting a traffic stop Oct. 21.

Officer John Soanes initiated a stop at around 6 a.m. on a vehicle that he had seen allegedly driving recklessly down John Wayne Parkway. After following for a short time the vehicle came to a stop in the QT parking lot at Edison Road, where the driver then exited the vehicle and began to engage in a verbal confrontation with Soanes, according to the MPD report.

The driver, a Maricopa man now identified as Perry T. Taylor, refused to provide the officer with identification, and when Soanes attempted to detain Taylor until positive identification could be made Taylor became combative and a struggle ensued, the report stated.

Officer Soanes’s glasses were broken, and he sustained minor injuries during the confrontation but in the end was able to subdue Taylor. Soanes’ injuries were treated at a Chandler hospital, and he was released later that day.

Taylor was arrested and initially charged with five different crimes, including aggravated assault on a peace officer, dangerous driving, criminal damage, failure to identify and failure to comply.

The official complaint from the County Attorney’s Office charges Taylor with assaulting Soanes, a Class 5 felony, criminal damage and failure to comply with a police officer, both Class 2 felonies.



Michael J. Davis (PCSO photo)

Maricopa Police officers arrested a man on an assault charge after a violent domestic altercation on the morning of Oct. 21 only to later discover that he was wanted for allegedly shoplifting beer from a convenience store the night before.

Thursday night, MPD responded to a report of shoplifting at the Good to Go Gas Station on John Wayne Parkway. The unidentified subject reportedly took two 18-packs of Budweiser beer and fled from the store on foot. Officers searched the area but were ultimately unable to track down the beer bandit, or recover the stolen merchandise.

The following day at approximately 6:20 a.m. MPD made contact with Maricopa resident Michael J. Davis in reference to a domestic violence report. Davis was taken into custody and photographed by the MPD after being charged with assault. He was then transported to the Pinal County Detention Facility for booking.

Later Friday morning, surveillance footage of the convenience store from the night before was obtained and compared to the photos taken of Davis. Police determined Davis was the man being sought for allegedly stealing the brew and thus an additional accusation of shoplifting was made.

Total value of the beer was said to be $27.98, an amount well under the $1,000 floor for felonious theft. However, theft of anything less than $1,000 is a Class 1 misdemeanor in the state of Arizona, a crime punishable by up to six months in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Davis could face additional punishment if also found guilty of assault, a crime that carries a potential incarceration period of as little as one month to as much as 15 years, depending on the of severity of the crime.

Social media threats against Maricopa by "scary clowns" appeared briefly this week.

Social media accounts in Maricopa picked up a trend that has run across the country, threatening violence by vindictive clowns.

The scary clowns (or clown apocalypse) spread threats through posts on Twitter and Facebook. Tuesday, at least two accounts – Maricopa Clowns and Clowns of Maricopa – popped up with the same threat: “Sorry Maricopa, But Friday Oct 7th, we are coming to your town. Say goodbye to your friends and family. Good luck.”

Some follow-up posts targeted specific people and areas of town.

By late Wednesday, the accounts were taken down.

Maricopa Police Department spokesman Ricardo Alvarado said MPD investigates the social media posts just like it does harassment calls.

MPD official statement reads in part: “The Maricopa Police Department has been aggressively working to obtain information on those responsible. We encourage parents to be aware of their children’s activity on electronic devices. What may seem like a funny post, email, text or Snapchat associated with the Maricopa Clowns, can cause fear and concern and exhaust resources attempting to determine the viability of this threat.”

Maricopa Unified School District also posted an official statement today regarding the situation: “The District and school leadership are working closely with Maricopa Police in their investigation. No District school or facility has been mentioned in the social media posts. We are asking parents, staff and students as always to be vigilant to any perceived threat and to report any suspicious activity to the Maricopa Police Department (Emergency 911 or Non-Emergency 520-568-3673).”

Similar threats have been made at other school districts in Arizona and in 10 other states. Some have been followed up with pranks that led to arrests, mostly juveniles.

“We will continue to investigate any threats made under the guise of this particular clown movement and insure those responsible are brought to justice,” MPD stated.

LGI Homes made a contribution toward resources for MPD's K-9 unit.

As Maricopa Police Department retired K-9 Casper from duty, the force was in need of a new K-9 to take on the demands of the job. LGI Homes, currently building in the Homestead community, decided to show the appreciation of their employees and new homeowners for the long hours and hard work that Casper and the rest of the MPD has provided by offering a “sizeable donation” for the department to purchase and train a new K-9 Unit.

This brief appears in the October issue of InMaricopa.

The State Troopers SWAT approaches a home in the old section of Maricopa. Photo by R. Mason Callejas

Arizona State Troopers helped Maricopa Police Department serve search warrants on two residences off Pershing Street in the Heritage District Wednesday morning. Access streets were blocked and a helicopter from the Department of Public Safety hovered over the area while a heavily armed SWAT team went into the buildings and removed people.


By R. Mason Callejas


A Maricopa man was found dead in his home after a shootout with police on Monday.


At around 8:45 p.m. Maricopa Police Officers responded to a domestic violence call in the Lakes at Rancho El Dorado subdivision.  MPD spokesman Ricardo Alvarado stated that after entering the home officers were fired upon by the suspect. The officers returned fire and quickly exited the home unharmed.


The male suspect identified as 40-year-old Border Patrol agent Jeremy Russo then barricaded himself in the home.


Officers immediately set up a perimeter and called on the Department of Public Safety SWAT to assist. DPS used an armored vehicle to assist in extracting one of the officers pinned down by the suspect’s gun fire. After several hours of unsuccessful attempts to establish communications, police used an explosive charge to gain entry into the front door.


“Using their [DPS] robot they were able to send it in first to look around,” Alvarado said. “We then discovered the individual who had fired on officers was deceased in a closet.”


The suspect was dead from an apparent gunshot wound. However, it is unclear if the wound was self-inflicted or from the initial exchange of gunfire with police.


There have been no other reported injuries or deaths associated with the incident.

One home's surveillance camera caught this image of a stranger in the backyard.

A Maricopa man has been arrested after accusations he broke into a Maricopa Meadows home while naked and reportedly on spice.


Al-Hakiem S. Towns, 38, was taken into custody by Maricopa Police officers on Sept. 18.


Towns allegedly entered the home of David James through a back patio door, possible a dog door, at 2:50 a.m. James was woken by his dogs and grabbed his gun, but the suspect exited the house through a front window, breaking the screen, according to the police report.


The homeowner’s surveillance camera captured an image of the man walking away, completely naked with a large tattoo on his back.


James called police, but he wasn’t the first. Another resident in the neighborhood had called police earlier when his 12-year-old daughter reported seeing a man standing in the backyard looking in through the glass door. He then ran off. He was described a black male wearing only green shorts.


The responding officers found clothing in the rear yard of a residence on Ranch Road along with a bottle of canola oil and a cell phone. When they powered up the phone, a picture of Towns was on the screen.


Police officers went to six homes, reporting all had a blood trail leading through the back yards. Residents had come outside to see what the noise was in their yards.


Police found Towns allegedly completely nude, standing front of a home on Meadows Lane and bleeding from his feet and legs.


Arresting officers reported Towns made the statement, “Every time I smoke spice this happens.”


“Spice” is synthetic cannabis. It is illegal in Arizona.


He faces charges of third-degree burglary, criminal trespass, criminal damage, disorderly conduct and voyeurism. He was transported to Chandler Regional Medical Center.

Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

Maricopans can play a round of golf and show their appreciation for local first responders at the same time.

Rosemary Quesenberry is hosting a “Silent Heroes” tournament on Oct. 30. All proceeds will be divided between the Maricopa Police Department and Maricopa Fire Department.

The tournament will be at The Duke, 42660 W. Rancho El Dorado Parkway. The shotgun start is at 1 p.m.

Cost is $75 per golfer and includes food after the event. There will be some silent auction items.

Sign up and pay directly to the pro shop at The Duke or mail your payment to The Duke, 42660 W. Rancho El Dorado Parkway. Payments must be received prior to Oct. 28. Groups that want to play together should submit payments together and advise the pro shop.


Andrique Holley

A Maricopa man already indicted on three counts of assault earlier this year now faces a charge of sexual assault stemming from a July 1 incident.

Andrique Holley, 36, has a preliminary hearing on the new charges scheduled for Friday in front of Pinal County Superior Court Judge Lawrence Wharton.

He is accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old while she slept. Maricopa Police Department was called to the location around 4:40 p.m. The alleged victim was taken to the Mesa Police Department’s Family Advocacy Center while Maricopa Police officers searched for Holley.

At around 9:23, MPD found Holley hiding in a culvert under a nearby road. After he allegedly refused to comply with officers’ demands to come out of the culvert, MPD used the police K9 to remove him.

According to the police report, Holley had allegedly ingested four bottles of prescription drugs and a large amount of bleach before being found. He was transported to Chandler Regional Medical Center for dog bites and mental evaluation.

Hospital staff released Holley to MPD on July 6, and he was processed in Maricopa. According to the police report, he admitted to the assault. He said he left the home when confronted by the victim’s mother. He told police he took drugs and drank bleach to commit suicide.

He is being held in Pinal County Jail without bail on the sexual assault accusation.

He is also charged with probation violation, with a $1,000 bond.

Holley’s Maricopa troubles started Feb. 1 when he was arrested after a public fracas during which Holley was allegedly intoxicated and dragged a teenage girl to the ground in Glennwilde. That escalated into a fight with bystanders and his indictment on three felony charges and two misdemeanor charges.

A grand jury on Feb. 22 charged Holley with assault for injuring the girl, a Class 1 misdemeanor. He was charged with assault for touching and trying to injure another female, a Class 3 misdemeanor.

Because Holley allegedly punched a man trying to help the teen, “causing … severe laceration to his lip,” he was charged with aggravated assault, a Class 4 felony.

The grand jury also indicted Holley on a charge of resisting arrest and attempted aggravated assault on Officer Daniel Rauch, both Class 6 felonies.

Holley also had a 2014 conviction for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Maricopa County.

Daniel Moore (PCSO photo)

By Ethan McSweeney

Maricopa police arrested a man early Sunday for allegedly threatening his ex-girlfriend with an unloaded gun and trying to force her into his car before she stabbed him with her car key and fled.

Daniel Moore, 21, confronted his ex-girlfriend in the Fry’s parking lot off State Route 347 around 11 p.m. Saturday, according to a Maricopa Police Department report. Moore attempted to talk to the woman, but she refused to talk, the report read.

At that point, Moore pulled out an unloaded .45 caliber pistol from his right cargo pocket, which he said was meant “to scare her,” according to the report. The gun belonged to Moore’s father, MPD spokesman Ricardo Alvarado said.

The woman attempted to get away, but Moore grabbed her in chokehold fashion, the report read. The woman told police she wasn’t able to breathe and was left with a red mark around the front of her neck.

When Moore tried to pull the woman into the car to take her with him, the woman stabbed him with her car key and fled inside the Fry’s store, according to the report.

Five MPD officers responded to Moore’s residence on West Julie Lane south of Maricopa shortly after midnight, police said.

After being interviewed by police, Moore allegedly admitted to the incident taking place. He also admitted to hiding the gun inside his residence “because he knew he would be in trouble,” the report read.

Moore was charged with one count of kidnapping, one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, another count of aggravated assault for strangulation, one count of threatening and intimidating, one count of misconduct involving weapons, one count of disorderly conduct for recklessly displaying a weapon and one count of tampering with evidence, according to the report.

All the charges fall under domestic violence, which adds an aggravating factor to the alleged crimes, Alvarado said.

Moore was booked into Pinal County Jail and is being held on a $20,000 bond. He is due in court for a preliminary hearing Friday.

By Ethan McSweeney

A Maricopa woman was arrested on charges of shoplifting at Wal-Mart on July 3 after trying to take food items and hide them in store bags, according to Maricopa police.

Johanna Norris, 29, brought Wal-Mart bags into the store around 1:45 p.m. and used them to conceal the items she was taking, according to a police report. Wal-Mart’s Asset Protection team caught the incident on video and detained her, the report read.

The Maricopa Police Department arrested Norris around 2:48 p.m. and charged her with one count of shoplifting and another count of using the Wal-Mart bags as an artifice to hide the items she was trying to take, according to the report.

Norris was transported and booked into the Adult Detention Facility in Florence.

By Ethan McSweeney

Police arrested a Maricopa man early Wednesday morning on two outstanding warrants for drunken driving and failing to appear in court, according to a Maricopa Police Department report.

David M. Theis, 31, had warrants out for two counts of aggravated DUI from 2011 and failure to appear in court on charges for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia from 2010 — both cases in Maricopa County Superior Court, according to the report. The bond for the aggravated DUI was $5,400, while the bond for the drug charges was $1,100, the report read.

A Maricopa police officer went to a home on North Duncan Drive around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday after a 911 hang-up call, according to the report.

There the officer met Theis and ran a warrants check. When the warrants for the charges from Maricopa County came back, the officer arrested Theis on charges of aggravated DUI and failure to appear, the report read. Theis was booked into Pinal County Jail.

Rev. David Anderson prays with a gathering at Copper Sky. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

In contrast to confrontational and even violent outcomes in Phoenix and other cities around the country staging protests after deaths of black civilians and the killing of five police officers in Dallas, Maricopa had a peaceful candlelight vigil Friday night.

City Councilmember Henry Wade sponsored the event at Copper Sky, and about two dozen people showed up to pray with Rev. David Anderson and light candles. They also expressed support for the Maricopa Police Department. MPD Chief Steve Stahl was the only law enforcement present, and he spoke only at the urging of the attendees.

The traffic stop on John Wayne Parkway drew a crowd but resulted in a standard drug arrest. Photo by Michelle Sorensen

By Ethan McSweeney

Maricopa police arrested a woman on State Route 347 on charges of possession of methamphetamine and marijuana after a traffic stop on June 21.

Police pulled over a black Dodge Dart on SR 347 south of Honeycutt Avenue around 4:39 p.m., according to a Maricopa Police Department report. The officer didn’t say in the report why the Dart was pulled over, MPD spokesman Ricardo Alvarado said.

Four people were in the Dart at the time. The front seat passenger in the car, Veronica Santana, 46, was found to be in possession of methamphetamine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia, according to the report.

A Border Patrol unit arrived at the scene because Maricopa police needed a K9 unit for a “sniff search,” Alvarado said, and Border Patrol had the closest canine.

Santana was charged with possession of marijuana, a dangerous drug and drug paraphernalia, the report read.

Santana also had a felony warrant for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia from Pinal County Superior Court with a $500 bond, according to the report.

Police booked Santana into Pinal County Jail.

By Ethan McSweeney

Maricopa police arrested a man after finding marijuana and methamphetamine in the trunk of his car during a traffic stop in the early morning hours of June 27.

A Maricopa Police Department officer pulled over the car belonging to Emmanuel Hernandez near Smith-Enke Road and North Vintage Drive around 1 a.m. for making a wide right turn, according to a police report. After approaching the car, the officer noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the car, according to the report.

Hernandez, 19, told the officer that his friends had been smoking marijuana in the car earlier, the report read.

After the officer asked Hernandez to step out of the vehicle, however, Hernandez said “he wanted to be honest” and told the officer he had marijuana and methamphetamine in the trunk, according to the report.

Hernandez told the officer he could open the trunk, the report read, and the officer allegedly found four baggies of methamphetamine and one baggie of marijuana. Hernandez then told the officer he had another small baggie of methamphetamine in his sock, according to the report.

The methamphetamine weighed in at 6.7 grams and the marijuana weighed 27.3 grams.

Hernandez also allegedly told the officer that he was on probation. Police charged Hernandez with possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a dangerous drug.

By Ethan McSweeney

Police arrested two people in the early morning hours of June 16 after an alleged botched late-night burglary of a Maricopa home, according to a Maricopa Police Department report.

Brandon Joormann, 18, and a minor were arrested on charges related to the attempted burglary on West Rio Bravo Drive.

Joormann, after he was contacted by MPD later, allegedly told police he and his accomplice had been walking around the neighborhood to find a home they could burglarize around 10 p.m. on June 15, the report read.

At the West Rio Bravo Drive house, Joormann knocked on the front door to see if anyone was home, according to the report. When no one answered, the two walked around to the house to the back.

There, Joormann supplied his accomplice with a knife to open the back window, the report read. The two successfully broke the back screen and opened the window into the house.

The two then saw the homeowner get out of bed, and they fled the house, according to the report. Police later found a hammer and a knife at the scene.

The alleged accomplice was first contacted by MPD and told police the address where Joormann could be found, according to the report. Police went to the address around 2 a.m. on June 16 and found Joormann.

Joormann “admitted to talking about and attempting to commit the burglary” and then detailed what occurred, the report read. He also allegedly admitted he and his accomplice brought the hammer and knife to commit the burglary.

Joormann faces charges of attempted burglary, possession of burglary tools, trespassing and criminal damage.

Police charged the minor with criminal damage. He was later booked into the juvenile facility.

Jazmin and Jordan on Prom night. Submitted photo

Two Maricopa teenagers have been reported as runaways possibly heading to California.

Jordan’s mother said she last saw her son Tuesday morning as he was leaving for school at Maricopa High School. According to Maricopa Police Department spokesman Ricardo Alvarado, Jordan and his girlfriend Jazmin left a note indicating they were heading for California.

Both are 17 years old. Jazmine attends school in Ahwatukee. Both are juniors.

Alvarado said MPD entered them in a national database, listing them as runaways, along with a description of the vehicle they left in. That is a 1999 silver Honda Accord coupe, license plate BME 1900.

Jordan’s mother said she has no idea what their intentions may be in California. She said they had been told they would not be allowed to see each other.

Any information should be reported to MPD at 520-316-6800.

Barry Vogel (left) advocates for the new BusinessWatch program with MPD.

Maricopa Police Department is urging business owners to sign up for its BusinessWatch program, a cooperative initiative between MPD and the Maricopa Chamber of Commerce.

Registration for the free program will add patrols from MPD volunteers to keep an eye on businesses, whether storefront or home-based. Volunteers will check businesses while owners are away.

“I see BusinessWatch as a program that can serve many causes,” said Brary Vogel, who volunteers at MPD and with the Civic Affairs Committee at the Chamber. “Certainly business security and safety is the biggest reason to join BusinessWatch, but we also see the program as a conduit for expanded communication and cooperation between the police and the people that they serve.

“It is also a way for the Chamber of Commerce to interact with the business community in a way that is meaningful to all business operators.”

Those who register will also receive tips from the Chamber and information from MPD. It is not necessary to be a Chamber member to register.


This item appeared in the May issue of InMaricopa.

Angela Russo
Angela Russo

More than two weeks after her family last heard from her, no trace has been found of a Maricopa woman.

Angela Russo, 24, hasn’t been seen since April 19. She texted her mother Diana Schalow to tell her she was going out to dinner and would be home the following evening. But she never returned to the Maricopa home.

Her mother reported her missing April 21 to the Maricopa Police Department. Both MPD and the Schalow family started searches and investigations, but all have met with dead ends.

MPD spokesman Ricardo Alvarado said the department has followed up on all leads but have “nothing new so far.”

Russo’s phone was reportedly last used in the area of 51st Avenue and Indian School Road. That phone is no longer working.

Russo’s car is also missing. It is a blue 2007 Honda Accord with Arizona plates BNL 1629.

Russo works as a medical assistant in Ahwatukee.

MPD issued a “be on the lookout” (BOLO) alert for Russo and her vehicle to agencies statewide.

According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System’s Missing Persons Database, there are as many as 85,000 active missing person cases nationwide at any given time.

In Arizona, there are 1,130 current missing-person cases. Thirty percent (330) are females.

Contact MPD at 520-568-3673 with any information about Russo or her vehicle. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can submit a tip using the MPD mobile app or call an anonymous tip line at 520-316-6900.

Angela Maria Russo
Gender:           Female
Race:               White
Born:               5/10/91
Height:            5’3”
Weight:           150 lbs.
Eyes:               Crystal blue
Hair:                Brown with burgundy highlights
Tattoos:          Ladybug behind left ear, wings on wrists, songbird on right foot, water-colored rose on right hip, the “promise” on ring finger, Tigger and Eeyore hugging each other with a tree on her left back, Bella botch a Nono and Nona scrolled between flowers on right back.