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A 3-foot section of a dam on a Province lake began to fail Friday. Photo by Jon L. Wilson

The spillway dam on the lake at Province began to fail Friday morning as a 30-foot wide piece washed away.

A crew with Rain for Rent from Chandler quickly set up a large water pump to lower the level of the lake, in an attempt to stop a complete breech of the dam. The pump was turned on shortly before 2 p.m. Friday.


“The Province basin was overtopped due to the storm event,” said Dan Frank, president of Maricopa Flood Control District and Civil Engineer. “We had a little larger storm than we would expect to see. The lake is designed to overflow the top in that location. For some reason the soil that’s supporting the gavions, the rock baskets, on the edge of the lake failed and eroded during the event. That caused a failure of the gavion basket structure – the soil between the gavions and the lake itself.”

He said the lake is designed to take on storm water from all over the community. Thursday night and Friday morning the lake overflowed as 1.07 inches of rain fell in the area.

Frank said a crew is attempting to lower the lake, stopping to overflow of the spillway and allowing crews to backfill and do repairs.

“They want to drain the lake down somewhat,” Frank said. “They need to do that to stop the erosion and to get in where the failure is and repair it safely. So, they are not at risk of having a blowout of the lake liner, while they are making the repair.”

Frank said earlier Friday morning there was concern about losing the entire spillway.

“That’s when we decided it would be prudent to drain the lake down as much as we can. We don’t want to drain it down all the way,” Frank said.

He said he was contacted by the City of Maricopa about the spillway failure about 9:30 a.m. Friday

“The plan is to get the lake drained down, so they can safely work on it. They’re going to fix the hole by back filling it with better compacted material and try to improve the spillway somewhat,” Frank said.

If the spillway were to fail the lake’s water would spill directly into the Santa Rosa Wash, where it intersects Smith-Enke Road. The Rain for Rent pumps are lowering the lake level by directly pumping it into the wash.


Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

The most expensive home sold in the city of Maricopa from May 16 to June 15 was a half-million-dollar looker on a lake in Province that is the priciest of the year. The large house on a large lot included a casita and a private pool. There were tons of upgrades, from flooring to window treatments. Though on the market for nearly nine months at $14,000 above its eventual selling price, the results were apparently worth the wait.

  1. 19815 N. Puffin Drive, Province

Sold: May 31
Purchase price: $505,000
Square footage: 3,102
Price per square foot: $162.79
Days on market: 253
Builder: Engle
Year built: 2006
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
Community: Province
Features: Orchid model with stainless steel appliances, formal dining room, fireplace, waterfront views, full master bedroom, granite counters, play pool, patio, guest house
Listing agent: William G. Menkhus, HomeSmart
Selling agent: Jill K. Dames, Realty ONE Group

  1. 22496 N. Sunset Drive, Cobblestone Farms ………… $375,000
  2. 18955 N. Falcon Lane, Glennwilde …………………….. $322,000
  3. 18620 N. Tanners Way, Smith Farms ……………….… $319,000
  4. 19131 N. Toya St., Senita ………………………………….… $319,000

This item appears in the July issue of InMaricopa.

Harry Dieffenbach of Province has been building models since he was a child in New York City. One of his displays can be seen at the Province Village Center. Photo by Victor Moreno

By Fran Lyons

Harry Dieffenbach began his lifelong love affair with model-building when he was a kid in New York City. He started with aircraft models, which he built throughout his youth and even into war.

Dieffenbach joined the U.S. Navy in 1942 during World War II. He traveled the seas serving his country until 1946.

“I was not sure where I wanted to land after leaving the service,” he said.

He didn’t actually “land” at all, taking an assignment with the U.S. Weather Bureau doing weather patrol at sea for the Coast Guard. The On Station patrols were 21 days plus travel time to and from port. The long days could be pretty monotonous.

“I recall when I went to sea in September of 1948, the weather was wild. Just before my second patrol I bought a model ship kit to pass the time. ‘What the hell are you building that for; I’ll give you a set of ship plans,’ barked the chief engineer. It was actually the ship we were on. That’s how I got the bug to scratchbuild (modeling to scale),” Dieffenbach said.

Scratchbuilding requires everything be meticulously researched, planned and painstakingly reproduced to scale to the last detail. “It gets tedious at times, and I got a T-shirt that often described my mood – ‘Salty, Old, Navy Vet,’” he said.

After leaving the Weather Bureau in 1951, Dieffenbach went to school to study engineering. Sometime later, he made a career move and secured a position at Fairfield Camera and Instruments in California, where he did machine designing and work on semi-conductors, computers and photo equipment. His career, adding to his skills of precision and attention to detail, dovetailed well with his passion for modeling.

Among the high-points of his life, Dieffenbach includes 50 years of marriage. After becoming a widower, meeting a wonderful life companion, Esther Carrarini. They have been together over 15 years and both love Maricopa.

“From traveling the world together to living in Maricopa and sailing the model ships on our serene lake, life with Harry is always an adventure,” she said.

They relocated from Reno, Nevada, and have lived 11 years in Province. They love to travel, particularly on riverboat cruises. Their favorite destination is Italy. Harry said, rather gleefully, “I moved to Maricopa for the weather, the lifestyle and also to get away from my children.”

Dieffenbach has two sons, five grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

Within a year of living in Maricopa, Province offered to host an impressive display of Harry’s work in the Village Center. He also has a ship – the ice breaker “Eastwind” – on display in a museum in Newbury Port, Massachusetts. In a special event, Dieffenbach donated his model “The Water Witch” to Helping Hands in Maricopa.

“Amazing, just amazing to see,” Carrarini said of the Province display. “The finest details of the smokestacks, the cannons and hatch-covers are totally built from scratch. Also, these models are built to sail on water. We enjoy going to one of the lakes in Province to sail a ship. I like to watch, but on occasion I have to grab Harry by the shirt-tails so he doesn’t fall in.”

Dieffenbach, now 93, experienced another high-point in his life last year. In September, he and 20 other veterans of WWII, ranging in age from 90 to 98, were invited on a trip to Washington, D.C., sponsored by a generous donor from Texas. They were taken on a sight-seeing tour, starting their day at 6 a.m. and ending at 8 p.m. They visited all the monuments and memorials dedicated to those who served our country. The highlights for Harry were the Vietnam Wall and the Korean and WWII memorials.

He said the Vietnam War Memorial “brought tears to my eyes.”

“This trip was just outstanding. Being acknowledged that we served, and being greeted at the airport by so many people when we arrived was spectacular.”

“To be able to share my life at this point in time, is very important to me,” Dieffenbach said. “Connecting with people gives me a sense of satisfaction and contribution.”

This story appears in the February issue of InMaricopa.

PPP's David Killen (third from left) winning gold in pickleball doubles in Spain. Submitted photo

Spain hosted two international pickleball tournaments in mid-September, and six Province Pickleball Players (PPP) participated.

The Bainbridge Cup pitted North America against Europe. With all six PPPs competing, North America overwhelmed the European team 200-102.

The Spanish Open is a competition where age and skill level determines the brackets. In the Spanish Open, held at the Ciudad De La Raqueta Club in Madrid, Province competitors won six medals, three of which were gold.

 . David Killen won gold in 65-plus men’s doubles & 60-plus mixed doubles.
· Randal Robb won gold in the men’s 50-plus doubles.
· Will LaHousse (vice president of PPP) received a silver medal in 60-plus mixed doubles.
· Beth Sulek-LaHousse garnered a bronze medal in women’s 55-plus doubles.
· Fay Bruns won a bronze medal in the women’s 60-plus doubles.

Twenty countries competed, and PPP had the most participants of any club. The 2018 Bainbridge Cup will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Golf Cart Cavalcade in Province benefited the local food bank. Submitted

This year the Province subdivision celebrated its second annual Golf Cart Parade and Food Drive on Sunday Dec. 4, to help F.O.R. Maricopa food bank gear up for the holidays.

On the first Sunday of December a cavalcade of 24 golf carts, some decorated and some not, rambled up and down the luminaria-lined Darter Drive collecting items for the food bank.

Residents served hot food and drinks out of their garages to neighbors and participants.

Dave Bock started this parade last year not just as a way to help the needy but as a way to bring his community together.

“The object of the golf cart parade is to, one, have fun, and, two, collect just as much food as you can for the food bank,” Bock said. “Last year we collected 1,710 pounds. This year we collected 2,309 pounds of food.”

That was in spite of having half a dozen fewer carts this year.

The winner was Dennis McCormac. Photo by Donna McGregor
The winner was Dennis McCormac. Photo by Donna McGregor

Later that night a truck showed up from the food bank and was loaded down with the goodies. Six volunteers from the neighborhood then went with the truck to the food bank to help unload.

“It was a real challenge to get all that picked up. Some carts made three or four trips,” Bock said.


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Enchantment Pass in Province boasted last month's most expensive home sale. Photo by Dick Barkley

20877 N. Enchantment Pass

This waterfront property in Province sold for exactly the same price as it garnered two years ago – $380,000 – down from the asking price of $399,900. Started as a model home in 2003, it has a private pool on a cul-de-sac lot and professionally-selected furnishings and artwork.

Date sold: April 15
Purchase price: $380,000
Square feet: 2,635
Price per square foot: $144.21
Days on market: 20
Builder: Engle
Built: 2003
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2.5
Community: Province
Features: Heated pool, professionally decorated interior, patio, two-car garage, multiple ovens, two master baths, gas appliances
Seller’s agent: Steve Murray, The Maricopa Real Estate Company
Buyer’s agent: Kathryn Williams, United Brokers Group

This item appeared in the May issue of InMaricopa.

The café in the Province clubhouse is now operated by Honeycutt Coffee, serving breakfast and lunch. Submitted photo

The welcoming aroma of coffee, pastries and a warm meal started greeting Province residents as they came through the clubhouse Oct. 26.

Honeycutt Coffee opened a branch of its main store at 44400 W. Honeycutt Road in the building’s café. A grand opening concert is being planned for an undetermined date in November.

“They are already enjoying the lunch side of things, and we’re responding to what they want,” Honeycutt co-owner Steve Dykstra said.

That has meant eliminating some items from the menu at the main location and adding omelets and soups. The café will also carry Wild Tonic kombucha, a fermented tea bottled in Sedona.

The management of the gated, active adult community worked hard to find a tenant for the space. It was a request from the members.

”It’s a small space. For some companies it just didn’t fit,” said Melani Caron, Province’s community manager.

She said Province management made multiple phone calls to “all kinds of businesses to see who would be interested.”

The space is a counter and bake case. Dykstra can use his signage, but the café belongs to Province. Caron calls the café a miniature version of the main Honeycutt Coffee store.

“It’s a great partnership,” Dykstra said. “They wanted us there. It was a demand from the advisory board. We’re already local, and they already enjoy our shop.”

Honeycutt Coffee’s main store won the MHS Homecoming Paint the Town Red contest. Photo by Celina Shepherd
Honeycutt Coffee’s main store won the MHS Homecoming Paint the Town Red contest. Photo by Celina Shepherd

Now, instead of driving “into town,” residents coming in from a workout can grab an energy drink or a sandwich, he said.

“That age group comes preplanned,” he said. “They know what they want.”

He plans on being involved in Province events just as Honeycutt Coffee is involved in Maricopa’s community events. (Honeycutt won the Paint the Town Red contest for Maricopa High School’s Homecoming.)

With a staff of two, the café is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. Honeycutt Coffee is planning a grand opening in November.

Steve and Cathy Dykstra took over ownership of Honeycutt Coffee this year.

Caron said the only downside to having the café open in the clubhouse is the daily temptation from the aroma.

This story appeared in the November issue of InMaricopa News.