High school-age boys walking to school told their mother they found two handguns just south of Edison Road in an empty lot. Submitted photo

A pair of high school students found two, fully loaded pistols in a dirt lot near the Acacia Crossing subdivision Friday morning, the teens’ mother said.

Brandie Weaver Brooks said her sons, 14-year-old Gabriel and 15-year-old Christian, were walking to Maricopa High School from their home in the Acacia Crossing subdivision.

After cutting through a dirt lot south of the subdivision and Edison Road, Weaver said the boys came upon a small-caliber semi-automatic and a holstered revolver.

“While walking through, my son seen something shiny, walked over to it, and [saw] both guns just out in the open in plain sight,” Brooks said.

From there, the boys immediately notified their mother, who then called police.

“I went over there with my son, who then showed me where they were, and we stood right there until the police arrived and took them,” Brooks said.

Both weapons were apparently fully loaded, she said.

The boys’ vigilance and responsible actions Friday morning made Weaver, who has taught her boys since a young age about gun safety, beam with pride.

“(There are) no words to describe the joy I feel knowing they did the right thing and called me right away to let me know what they found instead of messing with them or taking them to school,” Brooks said. “I’m the proudest mom at this moment.”

Maricopa Police Department is investigating whether the two guns are related to an October armed robbery of a Shell gas station, said MPD spokesman Ricardo Alvarado.

“As of right now, (the guns are) not entered into any system as being stolen,” Alvarado said.

Reporter Mason Callejas contributed to this story.  


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