A 1940 model John Deere farm tractor. Submitted photo

By Maricopa Historical Society

Throughout the last 100 years, the tractor has played a significant role in agricultural practices around the world. Maricopa Historical Society wants you to experience the last century’s agricultural heritage of farm tractors by seeing the current exhibit at the Maricopa Public Library.

The exhibit focuses on some of Maricopa’s farming families that go back several generations. One display, a photo from the Casa Grande newspaper, shows a Maricopa cotton family taking delivery of their new Allis-Chalmers HD-11 Crawler in 1960.

Another longtime Maricopa family has on display the original 1943 application submitted to The United States of America War Production Board to purchase one Victory Model TD-9 International Tractor. The purchase price was for $3,700.00. The request was returned, stamped “REQUEST DENIED” from the War Production Board.

In the exhibit are photos of the eight John Deere trademarks since 1836 and 13 toy replica tractors. There are also antique tractor photos of John Deere, Case and Farmall. Some are still in use today.

Maricopa has a rich history in farming and there is no better place to take a time warp back to the time of antique tractors and farm equipment. Prior to the introduction of the farm tractor, people used animal power to plow and harvest their land. Tractor engines were able to pull heavy loads, which reduced the costs associated with maintaining animal labor. The earliest mechanical tractors were developed using portable engines, or steam engines, that were able to move farm equipment.

This exhibit will be on display at the Maricopa Public Library until Sept. 19.


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