The driver of a Chevy Silverado was surprised by a flash flood in the Vekol Wash last week.

Last week’s monsoon flooding proved to be dangerous to some who drove through at least one Maricopa wash.

Aug. 2, a driver and her vehicle were swept away by running waters of the Vekol Wash in Thunderbird Farms.

A call log from the Pinal County Sherriff’s Office noted a woman was driving a white 2015 Chevy Silverado south on Ralston Road at 8:26 p.m. when she drove through the Vekol dip.

“She did not see the water in the wash and before she knew it, the water spun her vehicle and began to push it down the wash,” said Navideh Forgahni, PCSO spokesperson.

The driver crawled halfway out of the truck through its side window as water filled the car’s interior.

“The vehicle became stationary and it appeared that it was going to flip over,” Forgahni said. “She jumped out and pulled herself ashore using tree branches.”

The log stated the driver refused medical treatment and was transported home.

The next morning, a local resident found another vehicle beached inside the Vekol wash.

“I went to the farm to check our ability to work and came across the Nissan,” said Angela Villa.

Pictures taken by Villa show a dark colored Nissan car abandoned in the wash.

“The car’s driver side window was down and a car seat was buckled in the rear seat,” Villa said. “The trunk was open and the entire car was filled with water, mud, brush and debris.”

It is unclear where the Nissan attempted to cross the wash, but Villa said the truck and the car were found between Peters and Nall Road and Ralston Road in the Vekol Wash.

PCSO had no information on the Nissan car nor its occupants.


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