Henry Wade

By Henry Wade

As we get closer to the Aug. 28 primary election, it is becoming abundantly clear that this will be one of Maricopa’s most important elections. The current council has wrestled with some critical issues during the last four years, and changing the lion’s share of the team in the middle of the game would not bode well for actions already underway.

Mayor Price makes it a habit of recognizing and stating that building relationships is the key to progress whether it be economic or social. Well, nothing could be more significant in the current election cycle. The relationships established by the existing council must not be discounted in an effort to make self-interest points of view seem more relevant.

Issues such as the North Santa Cruz Wash flood zone area, State Route 347 improvements and capturing new economic development opportunities, such as a Cooper Sky commercial center, did not come to pass last week and inasmuch as we would want them to, will not be completed next week.

I recognize and submit that there are some very talented and dedicated community members willing to take on the challenge of serving Maricopa with honorable intentions.  However, what Maricopa needs right now is stability and stick-to-it-ness. Even if change is a natural part of life, it must be tempered with reality and honest, open-mindedness, especially when the change could influence your future in negative ways.

Therefore, Maricopa, study the tealeaves, connect with your horoscope or discuss it amongst yourselves but whatever you do, what is most important right now is that we all do our homework. Because, this could be one of the most important elections Maricopa has had in our 15 years of being a city.

Henry Wade is a Maricopa City Councilmember and a candidate for re-election.


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