Occasional cloud cover won't dull the 90-degree heat in Maricopa this weekend. Photo by Mason Callejas

Though light clouds and heavy winds are likely to move into Maricopa over the weekend, temperatures will continue to rise slightly, according to the National Weather Service.

Thursday night will be calm and clear with a low around 60.

Friday is again likely to be calm and clear throughout the day with a high around 92 in the afternoon and a low around 61 at night.

Saturday will likely be hot and windy with highs near 95 and gusts up to 15 mph during the day. At night a light cloud cover will move in as the temperature falls to around 62 and winds pick up to around 20 mph.

Sunday should continue to be hot and windy with a high around 92 during the day as winds increase to around 25 mph, and a low near 61 at night as winds continue to blow up to 20 mph.

Looking ahead, rain could move into the area by midweek.


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