Expect clouds to roll in for the weekend in Maricopa. Photo by Mason Callejas

Clouds and wind moving in could indicate a wet weekend for Maricopa, according to the National Weather Service.

Friday will be mostly cloudy throughout the day with a high temperature around 72 degrees and steady winds from 15 to 20 mph with gusts as high as 30 mph. Overnight the breeze will continue and the temperature will drop to a low of 56 degrees with a 30 percent chance of rain after 11 p.m.

Saturday will remain breezy with winds gusting up to 35 mph out of the southeast, bringing an 80-percent chance of rain. With the same chance of rain and moderate winds continuing throughout the night, temperatures will dip to around 51 degrees.

Sunday will see the winds beginning to die down while skies remain cloudy with a 50-percent chance of precipitation and a high of around 62 degrees. Chances of rain drop to around 20 percent in the evening with a predicted low near 48 degrees.



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