15 minutes can save a woman’s life

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Mobile On-site Mammography (M.O.M.) and the City of Maricopa team up every year to provide breast cancer screening to the community.

M.O.M. will be at the Maricopa City Hall on Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 24 – 25, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The full-field digital mammography and CAD computerized readings are open to all members of the local community for their safety and comfort.

It’s time to make an appointment now.

If you are interested in getting a mammogram, schedule an appointment by contacting M.O.M. at (480) 967-3767 or (800) 285-0272. Have your insurance information handy when you call, and bring the following items to your appointment: medical insurance card, doctor’s name and address.

The cost of services varies based upon insurance coverage. There is available insurance coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield and other select carriers. Non-insured patients pay $167 (includes the radiologist reading). Patients should consult their insurance plan for coverage.

The recommended baseline for mammograms is age 35 to 40; women should have a mammogram annually after age 40. Patients under age 30 must provide a doctor’s referral.

In Arizona breast cancer is the leading form of cancer among women. An estimated 2,800 women will be diagnosed, and 600 will die of breast cancer in Arizona this year. One out of every eight women has breast cancer.

M.O.M. is focused on providing high quality mammography service with its professional, experienced staff, who use the latest mammography technology. M.O.M.’s goal is to provide onsite breast cancer screening services to all women in the cities and rural communities of Arizona.

For more information on Mobile On-site Mammography, visit their Web site.

If you go:
When:  Monday or Tuesday, Jan. 24 or 25
Where:  City Hall parking lot, 45145 W. Madison Ave.
Time:  8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
Cost:  Insurance coverage or $167 for non-insured patients
(Open to all women in the Maricopa area)

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