While thousands of Maricopans helped select two new members of the Maricopa Unified School District Governing Board this past week, a single person will be responsible for selecting a third member sometime in the next two months.

Pinal County Superintendent of Schools Orlenda Roberts began accepting applications for the open slot on the board yesterday. She said she hopes to pick someone by year’s end to fill the vacancy created in October by the resignation of then board member Lori Glenn.

“I hope we are able to sit the new board member at the first meeting in January, the same time the two newly-elected members take their seats,” Roberts said.

Roberts added she would accept applications for the empty seat until Dec. 3. Once all the applications are turned in, she will review them, conduct interviews, perform background checks and select a candidate.

The successful candidate will fulfill the remaining two years of Glenn’s term.

Although the application process has just begun, applicants are already lining up.

Tim White, who has served on the board for eight years but lost his recent re-election bid, said he would be applying for the vacated seat.

“Come January there is not going to be anyone on this board with more than two years of experience,” White said. “I have a strong understanding of how the board works and legal training in board polices. I feel I am the best qualified person.”

While White said he feels he is most qualified, a second candidate, Jannifer McGhee, said she feels she is the one most able to make needed changes in the district.

McGhee, who ran and lost in the recent election, said she would be submitting an application for the position.

The Maricopa resident of two years has been a foster parent since the 1970s and an avid community volunteer.

To apply for the board-member position contact:

Orlenda Roberts
Pinal County School Superintendent
P. O. Box 769
Florence, AZ  85132
oroberts@pinalcso.org or ttaylor@pinalcso.org
(520) 866-6579


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