Jim Mickelson was elected to the Maricopa Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and Glenda Kelley was re-elected.

Maricopa Chamber of Commerce filled two seats on its board of directors in January. Glenda Kelley of Uniquely Sewn was re-elected to a second term. HomeSmart Success Realtor Jim Mickelson, a former chamber director in Imperial Beach, California, was also selected for the MCC board.

“As a newly elected director of the Maricopa Chamber of Commerce, my goal is to assist the Chamber in creating transparency and communications with our members,” Mickelson said, “and to super-charge the promotion of our members in Maricopa through community involvement and promotions, networking opportunities, training and development of solid relationships with elected local officials and their staffs.”

Kelley said the chamber has helped her business succeed, and she want to help other businesses the same way.

“I am looking forward to a great new year,” she said, “to see the chamber moving forward, to see the chamber become bigger and better, to become even more involved with the city and our community, to show our support to the current businesses and any future businesses. We want them all to succeed.”

This item appears in the February issue of InMaricopa.