Two men, apparently dueling it out in the street in Tortosa near West Padilla Street and North Toledo Avenue, exchanged gunfire and then fled from the area Thursday morning, witnesses told police.

The incident quickly drew a heavy police response to calls of shots fired.

At least one neighboring house was hit by gunfire but there were no injuries in the incident, a Maricopa police spokeswoman said.

Police continue to look for the gunmen but said they do not believe they pose a threat to public safety.

Officers were dispatched at 11:26 a.m. to the 19000 block of North Toledo, according to Monica Williams, MPD spokeswoman.

“We did confirm shots fired and we found one home with bullet holes in it,” Williams said. “We did search the home. No one was injured. We did search other homes in the area due to reports of suspects running away from the area. We have not located anyone (involved in the shooting).

“We’re collecting information about who was involved and trying to sort out details as part of the ongoing investigation, but we do not believe there is a threat to public safety.”

A young woman who identified herself as Emma but refused to provide her last name said she was alone in the home that was hit when she heard gunfire.

“It hit a window, a wall and the banister,” she said. “I was really scared. I called the police and hid in the bathroom until they came and got me. My mom showed up and told them I was in the house.”

Three minor males were being questioned as leads but none was involved in the shooting, police said.

A neighbor’s security camera did not pick up video of the incident but at least 10 shots can be heard on the video.

Williams said officers were going door-to-door in the area asking homeowners if they had surveillance video of the incident.

Anyone who might have a video or any other information are being asked to contact MPD Detective Colt Holman at or call MPD’s non-emergency line at 520-316-6800.

Streets near the scene remained closed into the afternoon while officers conducted their investigation.

Photo gallery by Brian Petersheim, Jr., InMaricopa.