Crazy Cranberry was the grand prize winner at Salsa Festival. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

Maricopa Community Services announced the full list of winners of the 12th annual Salsa Festival among the 21 competing salsa chefs:
Overall Favorite and Grand Prize Winner:
Crazy Cranberry (U14)

Hot Category:
Mickey’s Salsa (H2)
Los Muertos Salsa (H17)
2 Dudes Salsa (H27)

Mild Category:
Mickey’s Salsa (M2)
Puma Salsa (M20)
Hay’s Salsa Lovers (M13)

Unusual Category:
Tango Mango (U4)
RC Salsa (U28)
Ellie Warder (U24)

Most Festive Booth Decor:
Los Muertos Salsa

Celebrity Judges Choice:
2 Dudes Salsa (H27)

Winners received the following prizes:
Best Overall – $1,000
1st Place Hot – $500
2nd Place Hot – $150
3rd Place Hot – $50
1st Place Mild – $500
2nd Place Mild -$150
3rd Place Mild – $50
1st Place Unusual – $500
2nd Place Unusual -$150
3rd Place Unusual -$50
Celebrity Judges – $250
Most Festive Booth Decor – $100