32 rescued during SR 238 flooding

32 people were rescued last week, to a flood similar to this flood in August.

Amid the heavy rain the Maricopa area endured recently, 32 people, including small children, were rescued during a flood along State Route 238 late last week. 

These were not careless motorists who tried to drive through a running wash, according to public-safety officials. These people had stopped because of the heavy rain and the difficulty driving in these conditions and the waters rose so quickly the motorists still were trapped. 

Maricopa Fire and Medical units responded to the report of passengers trapped in vehicles due to flooding. 

MFMD worked with Arizona Department of Transportation and Department of Public Safety to identify and remove those passengers, some by helicopter, who did not want to remain in their vehicles overnight and secure the roadway to prevent additional flooded vehicles. Water and transportation to Maricopa were provided to the stranded motorists.  

Several inoperable vehicles were pushed to higher ground to prevent further damage. 

By the end of the incident, 32 people were delivered to Maricopa and made arrangements to continue their travels. No injuries were reported.