Arrested on SR 347, allegedly with two bales of marijuana in the trunk of their car, were Christian Grimaldo and Dalia Sanchez of Phoenix and Hector Garcia-Franco (right) of San Tan Valley. A fourth suspect is a juvenile.

A traffic stop on State Route 347 led to the arrest of four people on suspicion of drug smuggling Sunday.

According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, a Pontiac sedan was stopped west of Stanfield for allegedly speeding 15 mph over the limit. Two adults and a juvenile, all from Phoenix, and a San Tan Valley man were in the vehicle.

The deputy described one passenger, Hector Garcia-Franco, as wearing camouflaged clothing similar to that worn by drug smugglers walking across the desert from Mexico. The driver, Christian Grimaldo, 21, of Phoenix, gave explanation for their presence in the area. The deputy reported all four appeared nervous.

The other adult passenger was Grimaldo’s wife Dalia Sanchez, 21. The juvenile was 17 years old.

“Between the nervous behaviors, inconsistent statements of the vehicle occupants, and the deputy’s observations, our deputy became suspicious that the vehicle contained drugs,” Sheriff Paul Babeu said. “When the driver allowed him to look in the trunk, he discovered two bales of marijuana and straps used to carry them across the desert from Mexico.”

All four people in the car were arrested and transported to the county jail to await charges.

PCSO photo


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