According to Pinal County, Jersey Mike's was inspected twice in October and scored an E both times.

Six out of 10 establishments inspected by the Pinal County Health Department received ratings of Excellent (“E”) in October.

Two eateries were found Satisfactory (“S”), correcting violations during inspection. Barro’s Pizza was told to clean the walk-in refrigerator and pizza oven, provide a metal stem food thermometer and cover an employee’s drink in the kitchen. Honeycutt Coffee had to bring a refrigerator down to 41 degrees.

Two establishments were marked as Needs Improvement (“N”). Good Donuts was told to provide a food temperature measuring device and provide chlorine test papers to measure the sanitizer. Helen’s Kitchen was told to use food-contact gloves, not latex gloves, replace a light shield and place a required consumer advisory for raw/undercooked food on its menu.

[No violations found]
99 Cents Only Store
Carl’s Jr.
Children’s Learning Adventure Childcare Center
Cilantro’s Mexican Cocina
Firehouse Subs
Jersey Mike’s Subs (x2)

[Violations corrected during inspection]
Barro’s Pizza
Honeycutt Coffee

Needs Improvement
[Critical item noted during inspection cannot be corrected immediately, requiring follow-up inspection]
Good Donuts
Helen’s Kitchen

[Gross, unsanitary conditions necessitating the discontinuation of operations]


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