On May 8, A+ Charter School will face the state board to propose a multitude of changes for the 2023-24 school year – including a four-day school week and the addition of sixth grade.

Principal Rachele Reese is confident the state will approve the changes, so much so that they are already in the process of hiring new teachers.

“We have something different to offer,” Reese said. “We want students to be a part of their learning from a younger age.”

A+ Charter School was founded in 2020, offering a unique educational experience for Grades 7-12. It uses project-based learning, a teaching method that encourages students to engage in meaningful and real-world topics.

With long tables instead of individual desks, hands-on learning instead of lectures, the students are always collaborating and flexing new mind muscles.

“We have a really good environment,” Reese said. “And it starts with us, the staff. That’s trickling down to the kids.”

Student population is about 300, but Reese expects that number to go up. If the state School Board approves sixth grade for A+, Reese hopes to increase enrollment by more than 50% over the next three years.

“We have a capacity in this building for 700 students,” Reese said. “So, we don’t have to reconstruct yet. But there’s a need, we’re growing big time.”

Dustin Hunt, school vice principal, and Reese said that sixth-grade expansion would improve continuity amongst students, teachers and parents and provide an easier transition for fifth-graders looking for a charter school, Reese said.

“I believe we have the best option for students that want to be prepared,” Reese said. “And we want them in our door sooner rather than later.”

Hunt said staff encourages students to find their own way, whether that’s going to trade school, taking advanced college courses or entering the military.

“We want students to either be enlisted, enrolled or employed,” Hunt said. “There’s not one path.”

In addition to these highlights, A+ will also propose an accelerated program to graduate in three years and a four-day school week, with slightly adjusted bell schedules and class start times.

“My point here is to maximize their time,” Dean of Students Nate Wong said. “Next year is a big year. We need to get these changes and plan ahead for what’s going to be happening.”

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