February has been a busy month for A+ Charter Schools with continued student enrollment, teacher recruitment, and the beginning stages of construction for its 24,000-square-foot building for grades 7-12. In the first year, the school will serve students in grades 7-10 and space is limited for enrollment. The school will add grades 11-12 in the following years. By focusing on project-based learning and workforce readiness for its students through the school’s Portrait of a Graduate, A+ plans to change the outcomes for its students.

Principal Rachele Reese said, “Based on the research and our experience, we know project-based learning will meet the needs of the students within our community, as well as provide meaning to their learning. Our goal is to help students connect the academic skills learned in school to career pathways and the 21st-century skills needed for lifelong success. We are also looking for dynamic and innovative educators to join our team who share the same philosophy.”

As the families continue to enroll their students and the school is hiring a great team of educators, the construction efforts are moving along quickly.

Damon Norris, director of operations, said, “We are proud to be a part of the Maricopa community and work with such great developers, experienced construction teams, and supportive officials and staff of the City of Maricopa. Our campus will really support the project-based model and needs of today’s students.”

A+ Charter Schools is looking for innovative and qualified teaching candidates for middle school and high school in all subjects and elective areas, as well as substitute teachers. For interested candidates visit careers.aplusaz.org to submit an application or email careers@aplusaz.org.


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