A legacy of service: Community leaders remember Jim Jordan


The city of Maricopa was shaken by the loss of Jim Jordan on Tuesday. The 74-year-old Jordan was a much-loved figure in the community and a dedicated public servant. Many in the community expressed their thoughts on his life and passing – here is a sampling of their thoughts: 

Mayor Christian Price: 

It’s just so sad. He just was a servant at heart since the very first day I met him. He ended his career in life as a volunteer on the school board. He saw the need and he stepped up and here’s a person who often had conflicting thoughts about the school board until he was serving on it, and it’s amazing how he changed a lot and realized, wow, these are things the kids need. He’s really going to be missed, especially considering that two weeks ago everything was fine in his life. It’s just terrible. 

Pastor Rusty Akers, Community of Hope Church: 

I’ve known Jim for 10 or 11 years, since he moved here. He was a unique individual. People probably saw him wearing a cowboy hat, but he had that stature of a throwback of a man. He would always have a conversation with anybody at any time. 

Jim wasn’t short on opinions, but he was able to share those opinions with you in a graceful way. I loved the guy. I loved his heart. He had a passion for this community. 

He served with us down in Rocky point, he had a passion for serving down there. He just wanted to serve people. He loved all people. Up until a couple of years ago, he would go over to our high school groups and just sit in with those guys and let them ask him questions. So, here’s this 70-something guy in his cowboy hat, hanging out with high schoolers. But they loved it and he loved it because he cared about them.  

I guess that’s the one attribute that Jim held above all else, is that he loved people. Dearly loved them, it wasn’t pretentious, it wasn’t a false thing, he dearly loved people and loved serving people.  

MUSD Governing Board member AnnaMarie Knorr: 

Jim had a true servant’s heart. He served his community and schools selflessly. His calm, positive demeanor was a blessing to all who crossed his path\ and I am a better person for knowing Jim. He will be missed immensely. 

MUSD Governing Board President Robert Downey: 

From the very first moment, 14 months ago, that I first met Jim Jordan, I knew that I had met a really genuine nice guy. Yes, there was his trademark cowboy hat, boots, jeans, and swagger. More importantly, there was his servant heart, love for all people and his friendly, positive attitude to life and people. It was a blessing to know Jim and to serve with him on the MUSD school board. My prayers and condolences are with his family. 

Council Member Amber Liermann: 

Jim had a servant heart. He truly wanted to serve others. He had a passion for financial stewardship and wanted others to experience the freedom of living debt-free brings. Jim loved God, his family, his church and his community. He was a hard worker and someone I looked up to. I saw Jim at the last board meeting, and he greeted me with a big smile and hug as usual. My prayers go out for his family and all those who loved him. 

Council Member Rich Vitiello: 

There’s nothing more you can say than that Jim served the city, he really did. If there’s one thing he did, he loved this city, he loved this community. So now he’s going to love and serve the Lord. I wish his family blessings, I wish him blessings, and God bless him. He’s in a better place, as they say, and we’ll miss him. He was very well loved. 

Vice Mayor Vince Manfredi: 

Jim was a good man who did so much for Maricopa. He will be missed by everyone that knew him. 

MUSD Superintendent Dr. Tracey Lopeman: 

Although he was a champion for students behind the dais, my favorite moments with Mr. Jordan were spent outside of the boardroom. It was not uncommon for him to attend a Friday night home football game. He was the first to brag about our AFJROTC program and was proud to lead veterans on school tours and arrange guest speaking opportunities. I will remember Jim fondly, not just for his leadership, but for his genuine love for people and his community. 

Council Member Henry Wade: 

We’ve lost a good man. He was kind, opinionated, sincere and if he liked you, he liked you. If he didn’t like you, he didn’t like you. We all go, we all have our time, and it was his time. He was a good man. 

Council Member Nancy Smith: 

Jim Jordan was the type of friend that never said, ‘no.’ He was always willing to help if it meant someone was being blessed. He would help work polling places for my campaigns; he served on the MUSD school board; he was a Chaplain for the city. He drove much needed clothing and food to Mexico. And those are just a few examples! 

Just a few days ago I sat with Jim and had a long, lovely conversation with him at church. He made me smile and I’ll miss those conversations most.