Air Maricopa

A photo of Maricopa's airfield in the early 1900's. (Maricopa Historical Society)

Maricopa’s airfield ran perpendicular to John Wayne Parkway, more exactly where the overpass now sits. In this photo from the early 1900s, one of many planes lands in Maricopa Junction. In 1911, Cal Rodgers, financed by a new drink called Vin Fiz Grape Sodas, stopped at Maricopa Junction on the first transcontinental flight from New York City to Long Beach, California. Many repairs and accidents happened along the way. Rogers’ train, “The Special,” carried supplies for the repairs. The trip took 49 days and a distance of 3,417 miles by rail and 2,567 miles by air.

A current photo of the approximate area of where the airfield once was. (Brian Petersheim Jr.)

This story was first published in the February edition of InMaricopa magazine.