Alan Stephens Closure
Alan Stephens Parkway will be closed Tuesday for roadwork. Google Earth image

A stretch of Alan Stephens Parkway will be closed Tuesday, April 13, from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. for roadwork.

Sunland Asphalt will perform road maintenance on the roadway between Porter and Stonegate roads.

A+ Charter School parents will be able to drop off their children at the main entrance at the normal time between 8 and 8:30 a.m. But Sunland spokesman Chris Pedroni recommended parents access the pickup area in the afternoon via the Shea Way entrance on the south side of the school.

According to Pedroni, Sunland will apply a slurry seal to the roadway.

“The seal is needed due to past construction and obliteration markings on the road,” Pedroni said. “The striping and markings on road aren’t very good anymore, and so we’ll do the slurry seal, then redo the striping and markings to make it safer.”

Pedroni said there are message boards at all entry points of the schools informing parents of the work, so they can adjust drop-off and pickup plans accordingly.

Sunland anticipates the slurry will be cured by 5 p.m., allowing them to reopen the road at that time, he said. The company is recommending pickup via the Shea Way entrance as it can’t guarantee the slurry will be cured by the normal pickup time around 3 p.m.