Angel Raymond Attorney
Angel Raymond is an attorney in Maricopa. Photo by Kyle Norby

Angel Raymond, a resident of Maricopa since 2009, is an attorney and mother of three.

Hometown: Auburn, WA
Maricopan since: 2009
Occupation: Attorney/business owner
Family: Husband, Keith Raymond, and three boys: Andrew (17), Kingston (12) and Mason (12).
Pets: Two dogs: English Mastiff “Sasquatch” and Husky “Alaska,” and two parakeets that are boring.
Cars: Chevy Silverado
Hobbies: Anything art-related, reading, being outdoors (hiking, swimming, fishing, camping, etc.)
Pet peeve: I’m pretty easygoing so not easily annoyed … I guess 120-degree weather or driving down 347.
Dream vacation: Just me and my hubby on a road trip around Iceland. Probably 2 weeks in a camper van around Ring Road.
Like most about Maricopa: Raising my kids here (participating in school, sports, activities and other events).
Like least about Maricopa: It is more of an Arizona thing but the super hot, hot summers. (A giant waterpark would be cool.)

Favorite …

Charity: Anything to do with animals. I definitely love Maricopa’s Pet Social Worker.

Book: Hard to pick just one … I love dystopian books or anything that will blow your mind – think “Lord of the Flies” or “1984.”

Movie: “Tommy Boy”

Actor: Kristen Wiig

Song: Depends on my mood – love classic ’80s.

Team: Seattle Seahawks for life

Musician: I definitely can’t pick just one.

Food: Hummus

Drink: Unsweetened iced tea with way too many lemons

Meal: Anything with seafood

Restaurant: #ShopLocal so Gyro Grill

Getaway: Flagstaff – Upper Lake Mary

Website: Amazon

Quote: “Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.” – Desmond Tutu

Words to live by: When opportunity comes knocking, answer the door!

Joke: Probably something inappropriate

Anything else we should know? This was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, thanks for making me go down the rabbit hole which is my brain.