The Anglin Dairy at sunset


Another piece of land in Maricopa may become available for residential and commercial development.

Anglin Dairy, 22272 N. Green Road, on the west side of town, is seeking a major General Plan amendment and zoning change. It consists of about 494 acres abutting the east side of Ak-Chin Southern Dunes. The goal is to give a master-planned community (MPC) designation.

Besides dairy cows, the land is used to grow crops and has wide-open views of the Estrella Mountains. Its access, Green Road, is a wide, dirt road that runs north from State Route 238.

The farm’s current zoning is industrial. Once the applicant receives the General Plan amendment, they can apply for rezoning.

If it receives MPC designation, the same uses would be allowed that are currently on the property.

“Today, it has a mixture of uses – medium density, low density, commercial and ag, a variety of things out there,” said Rodolfo Lopez, the deputy director of the City’s Economic & Community Development Department. “A master-planned community can still do the thing justice and with a little more flexibility on the developer’s side.”

Under MPC, areas wouldn’t be limited to just one specific kind of use but would instead grant leeway for where the uses will be established. “It’s a kind of consolidation of all the types of land uses,” Lopez said.

The applicant representing the Anglin family, RVi, stated in its report the MPC designation “will allow for more integration and flexibility than predesignating hard land use boundaries now for a community that has not yet been designed.”

A “conceptual development plan” could include single-family residential, medium density and high density and open space. According to the report, “The Conceptual Land Use plan anticipates a mixed-use parcel at the primary intersection of Green Road and Smith-Enke Road (SR 238) where the highest access and visibility will occur.”

The density of the residential areas would decrease from south to north. “Additional uses appropriate for this land use designation include open space, schools, churches, and neighborhood facilities.”

The concept is only in the early stages. If the requested changes are denied, the farm will likely continue on as is.