Fencing Near Iconic Tire
Maricopa residents who have been speculating about the possible new development south of Iconic Tire or SR347 got their answer at Monday's city Planning & Zoning commission meeting. There will be nothing there yet - the fencing at the site is for a temporary storage yard for highway equipment. Photo by Brian Petersheim Jr.

Many local residents have been speculating about possible new development south of Iconic Tire & Service Center at 19945 N. John Wayne Parkway, just north of Honeycutt Road. A vacant lot has been fenced off for several weeks, leading to speculation about what new businesses might be opening there.

City staff answered that question at Monday’s Planning & Zoning Commission meeting: None; at least not yet.

“That is not any approved proposal, it’s just a temporary construction yard for improvements on State Route 347,” said Rodolfo Lopez, the city’s deputy director of Economic and Community Development. “That’s just a holding site for construction materials and vehicles for the project to beautify the 347. That should be there for about 60 days.”

The beautification project will include landscaping of the median on SR347 from Honeycutt Road to the north end of town and installation of a welcome monument in the median greeting visitors from the north as they enter the city.