Arizona Registry and Education (SHARE) Hands Only CPR program at Lunch & Learn


By Bill Robertson

Lunch & Learn, a monthly program sponsored by Maricopa, brings in speakers to present and provide information of interest or educational to the community. This month, Mayor Nancy Smith invited the Province HeartStarter’s to present the Arizona Saving Hearts in Arizona Registry and Education (SHARE) Hands Only CPR program to the group.

Fifty Maricopa residents filled the room.

Councilmember Bob Marsh and Mayor Nancy Smiith – [Bill Robertson]
SHARE is sponsored by the Arizona Department of Health and is geared toward bystanders and lay people. It teaches the community how to recognize Sudden Cardiac Arrest and activate the local EMS system and immediately begin CPR. Hands only CPR does not require mouth-to-breathing. For every minute CPR is delayed, 10 percent survivability is lost. Five minutes without CPR, 50 percent survivability is lost. No certification is required to provide Hands Only CPR and the CPR provider is protected from liability by the Arizona Good Samaritan Act.


Submitted [Bill Robertson]
Province has three lead facilitators and eight skills proctors who are volunteers and have delivered the program to 560 Province residents free of charge.


Submitted [Bill Robertson]
This time, the group gained special approval to deliver this program to the Maricopa Community for free. The Province HeartStarter’s and the Province Community Association saw this as an opportunity to give back to the community.


Submitted [Bill Robertson]