To: The Honorable Doug Ducey, Governor of the State of Arizona

We, Larry Hall, Olie Swanky and a large additional number of citizens living in the State of Arizona, with all due respect, do ask for your intervention with the Governor of the State of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich, for us to get justice so that possession is rightfully returned to us and to prevent the further dispossession of our real estate investments that we made in good faith in San Carlos, Guaymas, Sonora.

By invoking influence with officials of the Government of Sonora a few months ago – which influence she does seem to have – Mrs. Catalina Ordaz managed to unjustly and unlawfully commandeer our hotel located on the beach of San Carlos, and she intends to dispossess us of condominium buildings and vacant land primed for development.

As Arizonan investors in Sonora, we felt enormous disappointment and frustration in 2019 with respect to the Government of the State of Sonora since it has been evident how they have unjustly favored the interests of Mrs. Catalina Ordaz to our detriment and prejudice.

We have invested many hundreds of thousands of dollars in Sonora and, at this moment, we feel tremendous uneasiness and legal uncertainty to our detriment from the government of that State.

We believe that the meetings of the Sonora-Arizona and Arizona-Mexico Commissions should not be just a social gathering, but rather be an instrument to promote and protect the interests of the citizens of both States. Therefore, we most respectfully request that you grant us a hearing with you and the Governor of that State at the next meeting of said Commissions to be held on November 5-6 in Hermosillo, Sonora, so that we are allowed to explain personally and in detail the atrocities committed against us due to the “influence” that Mrs. Catalina Ordaz claims to have in Sonora.


Larry Hall, Olie Swanky et al


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