Manuel Lopez (MCSO)
Kris Mickell (submitted photo)

Phoenix Police have arrested a suspect in the murder of a Maricopa teen that occurred Tuesday.

Manuel Isideo Lopez, 22, faces a recommended charge of first-degree murder in the death of Kristopher Mickell, 15. Mickell was stabbed four times, including though the heart.

The probable cause report states a fight may have started over a girl. While interviewed by police, Lopez claimed Mickell pulled a knife on him. He said he disarmed the teen, “at which time the knife accidentally went into the victim’s chest.”

According to the report, Lopez said he then stabbed Mickell  in the left side. When Mickell started to walk away, Lopez ran up to him and stabbed him twice more, he allegedly stated to police.

Police noted that Lopez’s statements “were not consistent with the witness statements and observations.”

Lopez was arrested Wednesday. He is also charged with parole violation. A bond is set for $1 million.