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I¹m Shadow, a sweet, eight-week-old kitten that was found with my five littermates running around the Park & Ride in Maricopa.

I am sweet, playful and more than ready for my own new home.

I will be vaccinated and altered soon. My adoption fee is $65 and includes my vaccinations and surgery.

To meet me, call Kimberly at (480) 452-7997 or check out more pictures of me and my siblings at

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Hi! My name is Leo.

I am a six-eight month-old hound mix puppy. I look very much like a purebred beagle but I am a little taller than average, so I am most likely mixed with another breed.

I am very sweet, very playful, and I am a very quick learner! I have mastered some basic commands and know how to use my doggy door every time I have to go potty. Also, I am slowly getting used to being in a kennel at night.

I am very good with other dogs, cats and children, although due to my energy level, I’d probably do best in a home where there are no toddlers to knock down when I’m playing. I will be micro chipped, neutered and fully vaccinated prior to adoption. An adoption fee and adoption application will apply.

For more pictures of me or to view other local adoptable pets, please visit or call Kimberly at (480) 452-7997.

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Every day in Maricopa families face the unfortunate circumstance of foreclosure. Foreclosure puts a strain on a family’s psychological and financial well-being. The effects are dramatic, and oftentimes the results are devastating.

While the reasons and responsibilities for foreclosure are debatable, there are victims of foreclosures many people are unaware of. Pets are being left behind at an alarming rate. They are either dropped off at the Animal Shelter, where their chance of survival is poor, or they are simply left behind to fend for themselves, oftentimes with a limited supply or nothing to eat or drink.

Animal rescue groups in Maricopa have seen an increase in trained, well-behaved, groomed pets just wandering the streets.

There is even an instance of a small dog being thrown from a car as the family moved out of town. Fortunately, “Hector” was found by a Maricopa Police Officer and has found a new home.

These are domesticated animals, used to the comforts of a home, the shelter a family provides and who look to their owners for both food and water. When abandoned, these pets are at a disadvantage and must seek out sustenance. Water is essential, and dehydration can start to occur in 24 hours, or even sooner in the heat of the Arizona summer.

If you or a family you know is facing foreclosure and you have pets, there are resources available. The primary goal should be keeping your pet. They are a part of your family and will not only be happier with you; they will also help in your transition to a new home or rental property.

Moving does not mean losing your pets! Please contact one of the following resources if you are facing foreclosure and need a new place to live or need to relocate:

Many rentals accept animals of all kinds. It just takes some extra time searching. Please consider these resources before trying to re-home your animals. If re-homing is the only option, please contact local rescue organizations that specialize in helping to find homes for pets. Do not take your pet to the shelter prior to contacting the organizations. Chances your pet will be euthanized are very high.

If you aren’t experiencing foreclosure yourself, but are aware of someone who may be, here are some helpful tips:

  • If you know that a home in your neighborhood is being foreclosed upon, ask the occupants if they have made plans for their pets
  • Some homeowners might willingly turn over their pets to an animal welfare agency that specializes in rescuing stray and abandoned pets, if they knew where to take their pets. They can call (480) 452-7997 for
  • Leave animal rescue literature with the owners; it’s better to offend and apologize than to do nothing.
  • After the owners have moved, check on the home to see if any pets were left behind or tied up in the backyard.
  • Call (480) 452-7997 to find out how you can help to rescue abandoned pets.
  • Call a local real estate agent and ask the neighborhood specialist to inspect the home for abandoned pets. Most will gladly oblige with no obligation.
  • In Arizona animal cruelty is against the law. If you suspect animal cruelty, call the police.
  • If you find a dehydrated pet, provide a small amount of water under supervision — some pets can become so thirsty and weak that they can drown in a water bowl — then call a vet before administering food.

Being a responsible neighbor may ensure the health and safety of a pet in your neighborhood. You can contact, which is a 501(c)(3) pending non-profit organization in Maricopa, which rescues pets and acts as an information resource for those who may need help to either keep their pet or find a new home. They can also help you find a pet if you are looking to either foster or adopt a pet who has fallen victim to the foreclosures in our area.

Contact Kimberly at for more information.

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