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Denise Lewis (PCSO)

Police arrested Denise Lewis, 37, on Dec. 16 for an outstanding shoplifting warrant. However, MPD were contacting Lewis for another reason entirely.

Around noon, a Maricopa detective was stopped by a citizen who claimed they witnessed someone throw a dog out of their vehicle near John Wayne Parkway and Farrell Road. The detective notified MPD dispatch and officers subsequently conducted a traffic stop on a black SUV. 

When police approached the vehicle, they were met by two occupants, Lewis and another woman who identified themselves to police. The women were questioned about the dog allegedly being thrown out of their vehicle. Both women denied the allegations.

Police dispatch notified the officers of Lewis’ outstanding shoplifting warrant from the City of Maricopa. Lewis was placed under arrest and booked into Pinal County Jail.

At this time, no additional information is available about an animal allegedly being ejected from a vehicle.



If you are a customer who mails in your payment to Global Water every month, make sure to update the mailing address. The water company issued a press release today to all customers about the change:

“Global Water’s payment mailing address has changed. Please make sure your mailed payments are sent to the correct address. The new address for mailed payments is:

PO Box 29072
MSC 771
Phoenix, AZ 85038

If you mail your water and/or sewer payment to Global Water, make sure the payment stub reflects the address shown above. A sample payment stub with the correct address is shown below. If you receive your bill after 12/19/2019 the payment stub will have the updated address.

If you use your bank’s auto-pay system to mail your payment, please update the mailing address with your bank. If you do not update the mailing address with your bank check pay, your payment could be sent to our old address and therefore returned. The payment will continue to go to the old address and be returned to you until you update the address in your bank’s bill pay service.

If you send a payment to the old address and it arrives after 12/31/2019, it may be returned to you or your bank in the mail. If your payment is returned, please re-send it to the updated address shown above or you can drop it off at our office in Maricopa.”

You can still pay online at, pay at our office, or call 866-940-1102 to make a payment. You can email questions to”

View the Press Release for more details on the transition.

Juan Ibarra (PCSO)

Juan Ibarra, 24, was arrested Dec. 8 on suspected charges of domestic violence assault and three counts of disorderly conduct.

MPD responded to a call at a home on West Cheyenne Court in Glennwilde from a woman who told officers her brother Juan Ibarra was disturbing the family and threatening to assault them.

When police arrived, Ibarra was located in the upstairs bathroom of the home. According to the officer’s report, Ibarra was verbally aggressive with officers, allegedly telling them he would fight them and told them to shoot him, not letting them into the bathroom.

After multiple attempts to end the interaction peacefully, police forced the door open, with Ibarra telling them to “come get him.” According to the report police forcefully detained Ibarra on the floor of the hallway and brought him downstairs for further questioning.

Down the street, police met with Ibarra’s sister, who made the emergency call. She told the officers the whole incident began when she picked up Ibarra and their older brother from a bar in Chandler. She said her two children were in the vehicle as well. When they drove back to Maricopa, they stopped at the Circle K near their home on Porter Road.

After Ibarra used the restroom at the gas station, he came back out and allegedly hit the car next to them with the passenger door when he opened it. The woman said Ibarra began yelling at the occupants of the car he hit and insisted they parked too close. She told her Ibarra to calm down and stop yelling, to which he responded he would “knock her teeth out.”

The woman told Ibarra he could walk home and left him at Circle K.

Once the woman, her children and her older brother got to the house, Ibarra was already approaching. They later reported he was still yelling and threatening to assault her. The older brother stood between her and Ibarra and then took him to the ground by wrapped himself around him from the back.

The woman stated Ibarra began swinging and punching the older brother in an attempt to get free, hitting him a few times in the head. After this altercation, the woman drove her two kids to another home to call MPD.

Ibarra was transported to Pinal County Jail.

Richard Kruse (PCSO)

Richard Kruse, 75, was arrested Nov. 27 at a residence on North Bishop Drive on suspected charges of aggravated assault strangulation.

Kruse’s daughter reported she and her father got into an argument in their home on North Bishop Drive in the late afternoon of Nov. 26. According to reports from police, the argument began when Kruse confronted his daughter for paying rent for an ex-boyfriend who lived out of state. The amount was allegedly $400.

The woman stated that the interaction became so bad that she turned on the audio recording function on her phone and placed it on a bathroom counter to document the argument. At some point during the incident, Kruse allegedly took the woman’s phone and demanded to talk with the ex-boyfriend about the money he was receiving from her.

The woman told Kruse he didn’t have her permission to take her phone and slapped him in the face when he refused to give it back. She told police Kruse wrapped his arm around the back of her neck, placing her in a “headlock.”

Kruse allegedly held his daughter in the headlock so tight she eventually lost consciousness.

The woman regained consciousness and bit Kruse on his side while trying to free herself. Kruse released her, and the woman got her phone back from him, but claimed Kruse grabbed her again, this time choking her with both of his hands around her throat.

The woman stayed conscious and Kruse fled prior to MPD’s arrival on the scene. He later returned and gave officers a statement.

The woman gave police the audio recording from her phone, which including Kruse saying, “you’re going to end up dead.” Police were also able to hear the woman struggling to breathe and talk in the recording. The woman was examined and referred to an ER for further evaluation.

Police contacted Kruse the following day, and he allegedly admitted to placing his daughter in a headlock but claimed it was only to restrain her after she hit him. He claimed he knew that the situation went too far and took responsibility for the altercation. Kruse, however, denied putting his hands on her neck and choking her the second time.

Richard Kruse was booked into Pinal County Jail.

Farrand Thompson (PCSO)

Update: Upon being released from jail on Dec. 5, Farrand Thompson allegedly attempted to contact his wife via text messages and FaceTime. This was a violation of his release conditions.

Thompson’s wife reported the attempted contact to MPD, who verified the text was from Thompson. Police took Thompson into custody on Dec. 6. While questioning him, officers made Thompson aware of his release violation. Thompson allegedly admitted to the text message and FaceTime call but told officers it was an accident. He claimed he inadvertently  FaceTimed her while reading a text she sent the night after he was arrested. He also claimed the text to her regarding getting some of his things from the home was meant for a friend.

Farrand Thompson, 35, was arrested Nov. 30 on multiple domestic violence charges including strangulation, assault, disorderly conduct and preventing the use of a telephone in an emergency.

Maricopa Police responded to a home on West Bonneau Street in Smith Farms in reference to an assault. Officers met with a woman who was, “visibly distraught and crying.” She had come out of a neighboring house and could be seen limping, according to the report.

She stated her husband Farrand Thompson tried to kill her.

Police observed multiple marks all over the woman. She had several scratches two to three inches in length on her forearm and up to five more scratches on her bicep. Officers reported the woman’s shirt was torn, with marks on her hip allegedly from being dragged and marks from choking around her neck.

She stated she believed Thompson was going to kill her by choking her. She told MPD she was choked in the kitchen of her home, blacked out and woke up in the hallway.

Police found Thompson in the house. He claimed he only tried to push her out of the home and nothing else.

The woman was transported to be treated for her injuries and Farrand Thompson was placed under arrest and booked in Pinal County Jail.

Jesse Coria (PCSO)

Jesse Coria, 21, was identified as the “unwanted subject” attempting to make entry into multiple Rancho El Dorado homes Tuesday.

MPD arrived on the 21500 block of North Backus Drive, resulting in multiple calls from residents. One resident allegedly displayed a weapon when Coria refused to leave. Officers reported giving several commands to Coria to turn back and come to police, but he allegedly failed to obey.

While walking up the driveway to another home, Maricopa Police “went hands-on” after multiple orders to get down on the ground, Coria continued to not listen to the officers. MPD deployed a taser into Coria’s left lower back, and officers were then able to bring him into custody.

After being evaluated by Maricopa Fire/Medical Department, Jesse Coria was processed and booked into Pinal County Jail on three charges of disorderly conduct.

Rachele Reese (right) chats with Mayor Christian Price at the groundbreaking for A+ Charter Schools for grades 7-12. Photo by Kyle Norby

A+ Charter Schools broke ground today on a facility for grades 7-12 after an almost year-long hiatus. The ceremony was met with applause and a crowd full of high spirits with the school finally making its way to Maricopa.

“It is an honor for me to be here today after three years of hard work from so many of us,” said Principal Rachele Reese.

Many city officials, including Mayor Christian Price, were in attendance for the ceremony as well as parents and children who have long supported the new school.

Concept art of phase one of this project features a two-story facility that will be located west of Banner Health on Allen Stephens Parkway.

Reese cited the mayor’s “city of dreams” ideology in the most recent State of the City address as inspiration to complete the school and keep powering on. “When I look at our beautiful logo, I see an opportunity for real transformation in our educational system that is so much to advance our community’s plan to be a city of dreams.”

More information on A+ Charter Schools can be found here.

Crishna Gonzalez (PCSO)

Chrishna Gonzalez, 20, was arrested Nov. 24 on expected charges of disorderly conduct.

Maricopa police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance in The Lakes at Rancho El Dorado around noon. Neighbors of a residence on Liles Lane placed the call after hearing a “verbal altercation.” Gonzalez lived at the home in question with her boyfriend and his mother.

An officer arrived near the scene but stayed in the police vehicle nearby, waiting for additional units. They reported seeing someone at the home throwing objects onto the front lawn and porch area. The officer continued watching when two subjects were seen getting physical. They were later determined to be Gonzalez and her boyfriend’s mother.

Police approached the home and the two women went back inside. Officers announced their presence and entered the house. They spoke with the boyfriend’s mother, who stated that Gonzalez had hit her son.

Officers found the boyfriend lying on the stairs, “clutching his side.”

Police located Gonzalez in her bedroom and told her they needed some questions answered. While gathering information from her, police reported Gonzalez made a phone call to her grandmother and began raising her voice at her over the phone.

When police told Gonzalez to end her call, she allegedly stood up and yelled at officers and refused to sit down. She was handcuffed by officers and began screaming uncontrollably, they reported.

Gonzalez’s boyfriend told police she pushed him while he was on the staircase, causing him to fall. He said he suffered from a spinal disorder. Officers found no reportable injuries on the man, resulting in no assault charges because of the conflicting statements.

After a follow-up with Maricopa Police Department, long-form charges were submitted against Crishna Gonzalez.

Richard Cervantez, 22, was arrested Sunday on an expected charge of auto theft that occurred on Nov. 18 in Santa Rosa Springs.

A Maricopa woman called Maricopa Police Department Nov. 18 to report her vehicle being stolen. She said it was taken without her permission by Cervantez.

The woman stated that she arrived at a residence on North Cielo Lane to pick up Cervantez “as a favor.” She said she left her vehicle running when she went to the front door of the residence.

While speaking to another person in the household, she saw Cervantez getting into her vehicle. She yelled to Cervantez to not take her vehicle, and he allegedly drove off anyway.

Officers took the woman’s information and statement, logging the vehicle as stolen. The woman’s phone was still in the car, allowing police to track the vehicle through the phone’s GPS.

Cervantez and the vehicle ended up approximately an hour and a half away in Marana. Police recovered the vehicle as well as Cervantez, who was immediately placed into custody for an active warrant. Officers located the vehicle with the assistance of a passenger that was with Cervantez, who showed officers where they bailed from the vehicle in an attempt to hide from authorities. This passenger is not identified in the police report.


Autumn Terrio and Henry DeCook. (PCSO)

Autumn Terrio, 26, and Henry DeCook, 29, were arrested around 3 a.m. Friday on suspected charges of third-degree burglary, possession of marijuana, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Maricopa Police Department received reports of a suspected burglary in the early hours of Friday, with reports stating an unidentified male in a red pickup truck was attempting to open unoccupied car doors in the location on North Bishop Drive in Rancho El Dorado.

Officers were able to find the red pickup truck near Bishop Drive and West Hall Drive. Police identified the driver of the truck as Autumn Terrio. A man in the passenger seat matched the description given by reporting parties. He identified himself as James Dixon but was later discovered to be Henry Decook.

Terrio allegedly told officers that Decook instructed her to pull up at two or three houses so he could check the yards and didn’t see him return with stolen items from the yard. She also claimed she did not want to do it in fear of getting in trouble, but they argued, and she finally agreed to drive.

When searching the vehicle, police found cannabis oil along with marijuana. Terrio allegedly claimed she had a medical card for marijuana, but she did not have it, making her unable to show officers.

Additionally, officers reportedly uncovered “usable quantities” of methamphetamine in the truck’s glove compartment. Terrio denied owning or even knowing about the meth.

Terrio and Decook were arrested and booked in Pinal County Jail.

Photo by Kyle Norby

First responders arrived on the scene of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle at the trafficway leading into the Sequoia Pathway parking lot Monday afternoon.

The victim was reported to be a 13-year-old male.

On the scene, the boy could be seen having trouble standing on his right leg, but no serious injuries were reported at this time. The collision was at low speed, according to reports.

“The 13-year-old ran into the trafficway,” Maricopa Police Department spokesman Ricardo Alvarado stated. “No impairment is suspected at this time on either party.”


Victor Jones received an artificial heart in October. Submitted photo

A Maricopa man is fighting for his life.

Victor Jones, 54, and his wife Robin have had a stressful few months, to say the least. At the end of September, a routine hospital visit to check Victor’s levels on a blood pressure medication uncovered inevitable heart failure.

“Victor has a history of high blood pressure and that started in 2015,” Robin said. “He also has the hereditary factor, because his father also had a heart transplant, at the age of 48.”

Robin recalled their experience going to Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix to speak with Victor’s doctor about his medication no longer being efficient enough for him. After doctors took a few tests, Victor was placed under observation. They found his blood pressure was dropping drastically.

Doctors determined Victor’s heart had become enlarged from his high blood pressure, resulting in what could become heart failure. The heart team determined immediate surgery was necessary.

With a long waiting list for hearts, doctors needed to install a TAH (total artificial heart). This temporary heart is used as a replacement and can last four years, depending on the circumstances. TAH takes over the work the failed heart could not perform, keeping Jones alive and functioning until a permanent heart becomes available for full transplantation.

The artificial heart was placed Oct. 5, with Victor being put into a medical coma due to the nature of the surgery and for the healing of a collapsed lung.

Robin Jones expressed her exhaustion with the long days and nights at the hospital on top of juggling personal responsibilities like driving her grandsons to and from school and getting enough sleep. She is also working for MUSD in the health office of Saddleback Elementary.

“I’m traveling constantly,” Robin said. “I’m here almost 24/7, so I am just functioning from day to day. It’s been a roller coaster.”

Robin and Victor Jones. Submitted photo

Even with the stress and worry, a weight was lifted when Victor woke up from his coma about a month later.

“He’s been doing well, he’s progressing,” Robin Jones said. “He’s in high spirits. He was a little confused because he had been asleep so long.”

Robin said she was happy with Victor’s strength and resilience during the process.

“Victor was a veteran. He served in the Army and was also a merchant marine for 15 years,” she said.

In November, Victor Jones sat up on his own and took a few steps for the first time in over a month with help from hospital staff.

Victor and Robin Jones have received unwavering support from friends and family, including special support from their teenage grandsons Darian and Jaylin Abercrombie, who live with them. The boys created an e-sports company called Team Radius and plan on selling custom merchandise to their fans, donating the proceeds toward their grandfather’s medical bills. Victor Jones loves playing videogames with his grandsons, and they often game together in their free time.

Local radio host and vlogger Marc Montgomery had Jaylin, 15, on his radio show to speak about his grandparents and how people can help.

“We’re just selling stuff, like stickers and stuff,” Jaylin said. “You can just buy that, and it’ll help us a lot, to pay off some of the bills we have.”

Montgomery has been a close friend of Victor and the Jones family for several years and wanted to help as well. This came in the form of a page for people to donate to “Grandpa Jones” medical expenses and the heart transplant.

“A very good friend of mine, a close friend of mine, almost died last week,” Montgomery said in October. “Victor was the first person I met a long time ago at Pacana park.”

Despite all the hardships and sleepless nights that have come with Jones’s heart failure, the Jones family and friends remain optimistic and hopeful.

“We’ve got the boys and Marc,” Robin Jones said with a laugh. “And Victor’s doing great right now.”


James Wahlgren was arrested  for suspected charges of possession of a dangerous drug and drug paraphernalia.

Police reported making contact with Wahlgren around Nov. 13 noon near the roundabout in Cobblestone Farms on Struebing Drive. The police report does not state the reason for the traffic stop.

Wahlgren consented to the officer’s request to search his vehicle. Upon searching, police located one syringe full of a reported black substance and 30 used syringes. When testing the substance in the full syringe, it came back positive for methamphetamine, according to MPD.

When questions by police, Wahlgren allegedly admitted to using and that the meth was his. James Wahlgren was placed under arrest, with the report not stating specifically stating where he was booked and processed.

Dawn Lash (PCSO)

A woman was arrested Nov. 6 on suspicion of theft and fictitious registration.

Dawn Lash, 43, was pulled over by Maricopa police at approximately 6 p.m. on John Wayne Parkway and Desert Cedars Drive for expired vehicle registration. Lash was found to have a warrant for her arrest from the Florence city court for a June traffic violation.

Police observed an additional sticker covering the registration year on the vehicle’s license plate. The sticker had the number “20” printed on it. When questioned by police, Lash allegedly stated she knew her tags were expired, so she made her way to a local store, bought a pack of white stickers and covered the registration year, ‘19, with the stickers for ‘20.

Officers proceeded to search the vehicle, as well as Lash’s purse. An officer allegedly found four blank checks with a man’s name written on them in the purse. After locating a phone number for the man named on the checks, Maricopa police asked if he had let Lash use the checks or if he was aware that she was in possession of them. The man stated he and his wife pay Lash to clean their home and she had just left for the day.

He told officers he never gave Lash permission to take or use his checks.

Lash allegedly told police she remembered taking the checks and putting them in her purse when she was cleaning the home. She went on to say that she had no intention of taking them for the home and forgot to give them back before she left.

The homeowners advised MPD that they wanted to press charges and aid in prosecution.

Police placed Lash under arrest on charges of theft and fictitious registration and was booked in Pinal County Jail.

Derrick Morris (PCSO)

On Oct. 29, Maricopa Police responded to a call from a woman in The Villages who stated she could hear someone banging on her door, wanting to come in.

The man banging on the door, later identified as Derrick Morris, 39, allegedly said, “You can hide but I am going to find you and kill you.”

An officer arrived on the scene for a welfare check and was able to hear Morris’s voice and the banging on the backyard door. The woman who called police opened the 2nd story window to speak to the officer. The reason for not wanting Morris to know about the police’s presence was redacted from the report.

The woman met police at the door and told them Morris had a doctor’s appointment and came over to her residence afterward. She stated that they argue often. Their relationship was not stated in the report.

According to the report, Morris had attempted to break a window in the backyard by throwing a propane tank at it, twice. The window did not shatter, but police observed blue scuff marks on the window, consistent with the propane tank’s color.

The police reported that the woman did not actually hear Morris threaten to kill her, but she afraid of what would happen if he had gotten inside the home.

Derrick Morris was placed under arrest on suspicion of disorderly conduct, threatening and criminal damage. He was booked into Pinal County Jail.

Alphonso Ervin (PCSO)

Maricopa police arrested Alphonso Ervin, 46, Sunday afternoon on suspicion of domestic violence assault in Alterra.

Officers were dispatched to a residence on West Sage brush Drive after receiving a call from Ervin’s wife stating he had punched her in the face. Upon arriving, police made contact with Ervin first.

He told police he and his wife were in a verbal argument prior to their arrival regarding his brother “messing up” the blinds on their back patio door, according to the report. He went on to explain that his brother had lived with them for approximately four years, and his wife has multiple issues with him.

Ervin claimed that while they were arguing, he threw a plastic cup of water toward his wife but did not actually hit her with either the water or cup. He told police his wife scratched her own face from her forehead to her chin and claimed he had never touched her or hit her.

Officers identified a scratch under the woman’s eye and a bump with fresh blood on her eyebrow.

The woman’s recollection involved Ervin throwing a whole garlic clove at her, hitting her in the eye and causing the eyebrow injury. Ervin allegedly also threw a jar of pimentos at her, striking her thigh.

When attempting to leave the room, she said, she was slapped in the face by Ervin. Officers were able to observe a garlic clove on the ground as well as the shattered jar of pimentos.

Police determined the injuries to the woman were not consistent with Ervin’s statement. He was placed under arrest for domestic assault and booked in Pinal County Jail.


Reed, mom Chrystal Hoke-Northup and Airiana at the campout in early October. Submitted photo

During its annual camping trip, Maricopa’s Cub Scout Pack 389 goes over lessons like the buddy system and flag-retirement. These trips bring all levels of scouts together and their parents to experience the outdoors and form strong bonds. This year’s campout Oct. 5-6 took place at Woods Canyon Lake in Payson.

Pack 389 had to put their skills and training to the test when they learned of a missing girl in the area.

Scoutmaster Adam Geron was the first to receive information about a missing girl after their flag-retirement ceremony Saturday night.

“Walt, who was the host of our campground at Woods Canyon Lake, came up with a gentleman and said they needed to inform us there was a lost 13-year-old girl,” Geron said. “I essentially just turned around to everybody there and told them we have a problem, we have an issue, we need to help.”

Parents and scouts all agreed and were out searching within minutes. Geron said they had gone over a buddy system during this trip and he was proud to see the scouts implement it so quickly for the situation.

An obstacle in the search was the fact the young girl they were looking for was reported as being non-verbal.

The Hoke-Northup family, who ultimately found the girl about a mile away, explained their strategy and triumph during the search.

“We knew she was non-verbal, so we could shout to her, but she couldn’t shout back,” said Cub Scout parent Crystal Hoke-Northup. “But we figured she could hear us and walk towards us if we were calling her name.”

Their group consisted of Crystal and her two children, Airiana and Reed. Reed is a 9-year-old Bear Scout. The family went through a rocky creek and came to an open area with scattered trees.

Crystal said she was ready to turn back with night quickly approaching and no sign of the girl.

“But then, my daughter, she goes, “What’s that? There’s a person up there!”

Sure enough, it was the missing girl. They approached and met with the girl and let her know she was safe. According to her family, the girl had wandered off looking for firewood along the creek near their site and hadn’t realized how far she had gone. When she was found by scouts, she was still carrying a handful of firewood.

“We went looking and we went to the right spot at the right time,” Reed said. “I was ready to use my high-pitched scream to let everyone know that we found her. I used everything from my head to the bottom of me to get her back safe.”

Crystal and Reed with Adam Geron. Photo by Kyle Norby

Other scouts and parents met up with Crystal, Reed and Airiana to help get the girl back to their campground.

“We sat her down at the campfire to warm her up; we knew the poor thing was probably freezing,” Crystal said.

Geron drove down to the lost girl’s campsite and saw fire rescue was still filling out paperwork, not having started their search yet. He informed them the girl was found and she was being taken care of at their camp.

“In about 45 minutes we had found her,” Geron said. “Just good planning and teaching, knowing what to do allowed to potentially save her life, I don’t know.”

The family reunited with their daughter and thanked Pack 389 for their aid in locating her.

This story appears in the November issue of InMaricopa.

Photo by Kyle Norby

Michael Cowan (PCSO)

Michael Cowan, 49, was arrested Sunday on multiple charges, including theft of means of transportation and possession of a stolen firearm.

Maricopa Police conducted a traffic stop late Sunday at the corner of West Barcelona and North Terra Drive in Glennwilde when reports came in about a stolen trailer. The report stated Cowan was caught on surveillance cameras approaching the box trailer, attaching it to his vehicle and driving off.

After performing the traffic stop and identifying Cowan, officers placed him under arrest and questioned him about the box trailer reported stolen in his possession. He allegedly claimed that he was ordered to remove the trailer by an employer. MPD later determined that to be a lie.

While searching Cowan’s vehicle, officers discovered a 9mm handgun that was reported stolen in Phoenix. When asked about the weapon, Cowan stated it belonged to his wife. Police also reported Cowan stated he “knew the trailer was a set-up” and he “messed up.”

Police took Cowan to Maricopa Police Station for further questioning.

At the station, Cowan stated he had been observing the trailer for approximately two weeks and was under the impression the owner did not want it because of a parking sticker on the back.

Cowan was reported to have admitted he stole the trailer and had planned to keep it and put a salvage title on it. He allegedly also admitted to being a convicted felon of 10 years. When asked about the handgun in the vehicle, he said he bought it for his wife three years ago to protect herself. Cowan had never had his rights restored to have a firearm in his possession, according to MPD.

Michael Cowan refused to answer any further questions and was booked in Pinal County Jail. Other charges include possession of a firearm by a prohibited possessor. Bond was set at $2,500.

Police submitted a felony report against a Maricopa man Oct. 23 on suspected charges of sexual exploitation of a minor.

The incident came to light in late January when the photo website group SmugMug-Flickr submitted a child exploitation tip to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Internet Crimes Against Children. The tip stated that a user named Eric Tetmeyer had uploaded an image of child pornography to their site.

Tetmeyer’s IP address was obtained and confirmed to belong to him at his residence on West Thornberry Lane in Maricopa. SmugMug-Flickr filed a second report to ICAC and NCMEC of the same image being uploaded by a different user named “Samantha Knotts.” The user, however, had the same IP address as Tetmeyer.

MPD executed search warrants for Tetmeyer’s residence and his place of work in Phoenix.

Officer’s interviewed Tetmeyer, 38, who allegedly admitted to having a Flickr account as well as having a personal IP address that only he had access to in his home.

When questioned about the images, he allegedly stated he frequently viewed pornography but denied ever viewing child pornography. Tetmeyer stated he was unemployed and at his residence during the time the image was uploaded. He claimed that he never knew anyone named Samanta Knotts and didn’t have any company over that day.

MPD submitted felony long-form charges for review against Tetmeyer for one count of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Maricopa Police arrested Daja Cooper, 19, on allegations of credit card theft, fraudulent use and receipt of item with a stolen credit card.

Back in September, a woman had contacted MPD to report the theft of her credit card as well as the fraudulent use of the credit card. The woman stated she last had the card in her possession at Wendy’s on John Wayne Parkway.

A similar report was taken around the same time period, with another card being stolen and used at Circle K and QuikTrip. Surveillance footage from both locations identified the suspect using the stolen credit cards as a woman named “Daja” based off a name tag she wore with her Wendy’s employee uniform.

Police proceeded to contact Wendy’s management and were able to identify the only employee named Daja was in fact, Daja Cooper. Officers additionally confirmed that Cooper was working at the time the credit cards involved in fraudulent charges were stolen.

Officers arrived at Cooper’s home with a search warrant and interviewed her about the stolen credit cards. Cooper allegedly admitted to stealing four separate credit cards and could only remember the name of the original victim who called MPD.

Cooper told police that she had attempted to shop online at for women’s shoes totaling $494.23. The purchase was declined, however, which allowed police to confirm it had come from the original stolen credit card report.

In another report received by MPD, another alleged victim saw a similar charge from attempting to purchase Dolce & Gabanna brand shoes. During the interview, Cooper confirmed the brand of shoe as well as the color and seller, stating the shoes were never delivered but the information was consistent with what was provided by the victim’s credit card company.

The credit card company also determined the ZIP code used was the same as Cooper’s, who used a fake last name for the order. Cooper also allegedly admitted to purchasing a digital camera with one of the credit cards and had it in her possession.

Police recovered the camera and placed Daja Cooper under arrest and booked her into Pinal County Jail. Pinal County Attorney’s office charged her twice in separate cases Oct. 24 with theft of a credit card.

Submitted photo

Maricopa Police Department is ready for its eighth annual statewide event, G.A.I.N. – Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods.

This event gives people throughout Maricopa a chance to get involved with the community in terms of networking with neighborhood watch programs, local police and fellow neighbors.

“The purpose is to get acquainted in your neighborhood,” said MPD Public Affairs Specialist Ricardo Alvarado. “It’s a big thing for us because it gives us a force multiplier to have neighbors and neighborhoods participating in this event.”

The event emphasizes that more connections in the community mean more surveillance for any suspicious activity. Alvarado expressed that this kind of vigilance is incredibly helpful to police in keeping Maricopa safe.

Block parties can expect to have many visitors from city government workers, to emergency services. In past years, HOA-sponsored events with local law enforcement have included cook-outs, sports competitions and even petting zoos.

This year, G.A.I.N. will take place on Oct. 26 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. To parties interested in participating, the Police Department encourages all to fill out a registration form.

Registration information can be found on any of MPD’s social media pages as well as physical forms available at the main police station located next to City Hall or the substation located in front of Copper Sky Recreation Complex.

Additional information can be found on MPD’s official Facebook page.
Online registration forms can be located here.


Linda King talks about losing a daughter to domestic violence. Photo by Kyle Norby

For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer and the Maricopa Police Department hosted a kick-off event for the community. The presentations are aimed to help people learn and talk about domestic violence in society.

Events included the donation of $5,000 to the Maricopa Family Advocacy Center, a statistical portion on domestic violence, and a play performed on the subject as well.

“The play was actually written by the family of a lady who was in a domestic-violence relationship that ultimately took her life,” Volkmer explained.

The play is put on by an organization called “Fix the Hurt.” It is a production company founded by John and Linda King, who used to act in the play they created titled, “23 Bruises.” The play is based on the true events leading up to the death of John and Linda’s daughter. After the performance concluded, Linda King opened up the floor to a Q&A segment with the cast and crew.

Francis Jeffrey (PCSO)

A Pinal County woman’s latest alleged steal has gotten her more than she bargained for.

Francis Jeffery, 58, was contacted by police at Walmart on Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway Tuesday afternoon in reference to alleged shoplifting. Police reported that when being questioned, Jeffery stated she had made purchases at Walmart and used the grocery bags from that purchase to hide shoplifted items in an attempt to make them appear purchased.

According to the police report, Jeffery was observed by loss prevention when attempting to pass off the stolen items as purchased. The value of the items came out to $66.85.

After being arrested and transported to Maricopa Police Station, officers found similar charges throughout Jeffery’s criminal history.

Jeffery was found guilty of shoplifting in three other cases, one of them being in Tempe in early 2015.

With police having three convictions within five years of each other, Jeffery’s violation increased to a class 4 felony.

Francis Jeffery was booked into Pinal County Jail.

Brian Lindblom has opened Mr. E Comics at 20800 N. John Wayne Parkway, Suite 108. Photo by Kyle Norby

Geeks and nerds, rejoice. A brand-new comic book shop has opened in Maricopa.

Since moving to Maricopa last November, Mr. E Comics owner Brian Lindblom has been working night and day to get his shop off the ground.

“The community here has been awesome,” Lindblom said. “Just the support for things that are local is great.”

Although born in Washington, Brian moved with his family to Phoenix when he was 13 and spent most of his life here.

“I lived in Colorado for a couple of years at the top of the mountains,” Lindblom said. “I was planning on opening a much smaller version of this place out there.”

Located in the Shops at Maricopa Fiesta, Mr. E Comics offers rows upon rows of current issues, vintage titles, trading cards, and collectibles. With such a far-reaching medium of entertainment, Lindblom explained he wants to maintain an open and inviting atmosphere in his store. This includes the plan to eventually host large tabletop/card games events with titles such as, “Magic: The Gathering,” “Pokemon,” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!”

“The geek culture is kind of what I wanted to embrace,” Lindblom explained. “So, I’m sort of going to let the community speak as to what I should hold for events in this store.”

With less of a focus on graphic T’s and posters around the store, Lindblom emphasized wanting to focus on purchasing local art for the walls of the shop, showcasing the talents of local artists.

When asked about the evolution of geek culture becoming mainstream to general audiences, Lindblom said the popularity and interest in Maricopa is very much present.

“The market in this industry is generally older teens and people from 20 to 40 years old,” Lindblom said. “There’s been a significant amount of families who come in, I guess just excited that there is something more for kids than there has been in the past.”

With the comic industry catering to a mainly male audience, Lindblom noted another strong factor for his business the progressive surge of female readers.

“Almost 50 percent or more of the market is women at this point. I have many female customers that come in already,” he said.

With the goal of eventually sponsoring the Esports league and other events around town, Lindblom is excited to be part of the Maricopa business community.

“It’s more the community that gives me a sense of belonging,” Lindblom said. “The way that other businesses come in and want to work with you as opposed to feeling like competition. I feel like that’s how it should be.”

Maricopa Police had an alarming case early Monday morning, ending in a Villages woman being accused of vulnerable adult abuse.

Around 8 a.m. Monday morning, an elderly woman with a walker arrived at the InMaricopa office looking for help. The woman claimed she was being abused by her roommate, Miranda McClain, and had walked from the home to the nearest business while her roommate was asleep. InMaricopa staff called Maricopa police, who interviewed the woman and transported her to the family advocacy center.

She stated about five years ago she moved into McClain’s home on McCord Drive with an agreement to pay $500 a month for rent. The woman explained she only received money twice a month. After about four years, the woman told officers she was not happy and wanted to move out. McClain was described as “intimidating.”

During an incident approximately one year ago, McClain allegedly yelled and slapped the woman, telling her she would live in that house until she died, according to the report.

The elderly woman recalled a time she attempted to leave the home, but McClain allegedly locked her in the master bedroom for two days. An exterior lock was used to keep the woman inside, and she was only let out to use the bathroom. When police asked if she was being fed, the woman said McClain would bring her snacks. McClain slept in the room with her, but on separate beds.

Maricopa Police headed to McClain’s home, where they observed her driving past the residence in a white sedan. McClain turned her vehicle around and stopped in front of the officer’s patrol vehicle, asking why they were by her house.

Police stated they had the woman, to which McClain asked if she was at her daughter’s house. Officers only stated the woman was safe and they had not received any information from anyone else. According to the report, McClain seemed angry and agitated, continuing to ask where the woman was. Police advised McClain to hand over any of the woman’s property.

According to the report, McClain pulled the woman’s ID card and a debit card out of her purse and gave it to police. McClain also confirmed the woman has lived at the home for five years and has been paying her $500 a month in rent. She also stated she had online access to the woman’s funds and claimed she was also allowed to take out more money for pool services and McClain’s own doctor bills.

McClain allegedly admitted to locking the old woman in the master bedroom after she “was causing issues with her daughters.” She claimed the woman was a friend and did not want her to leave the home because she might fall, due to trouble walking.

Police reported McClain had no power of attorney over the woman and told McClain she would no longer have access to the woman’s bank account.

McClain was described as angry, claiming that she was now being left with a financial burden. Police wrote a probable-cause statement on the case listing potential charges but did not make an arrest.

Cameron Carr (PCSO)

A Maricopa man was arrested Thursday evening on suspicion of aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.

Police responded to an assault call at a residence in Santa Rosa Springs, where they made contact with Cameron Carr, 30, and his girlfriend.

According to Carr’s girlfriend, they were sitting on the couch that evening when Carr put both hands around her throat, squeezing and pushing her down. She fought back by pushing against his face with her hands when Carr then allegedly threw her to the floor. She also told police “the outsides of her neck were burning.”

After talking with the woman, officers interviewed Carr on his recollection of the event. Carr claimed that he became upset with his girlfriend because he discovered she was using a dating profile. He said he grabbed her shirt, not her neck, with two hands, and she scratched his face. The officer reported red marks on Carr’s arm, lips, eye and cheek.

MPD reportedly asked Carr if he may have grabbed his girlfriend by the neck at any point, and he said he could not recall.

The woman was to the local advocacy center, and Cameron Carr was arrested and booked in Pinal County jail.

Members of the Maricopa High School football teams visited Maricopa Police Department and City Hall on Saturday. Head coach Brandon Harris planned the visit a year ago with MPD Chief Steve Stahl. Harris, who has police officers in his family, said he wanted the students to have a productive relationship with local law enforcement and he wanted to defuse any apprehension and suspicion about law enforcement that comes from “news reports about officers and young men that go horribly wrong – and how we can better ensure this doesn’t happen to our boys.”

Ched Bayles (PCSO)

Ched Bayles, 30, was arrested Saturday afternoon on suspicion of shoplifting and additional outstanding warrants.

According to Maricopa Police reports, officers were dispatched to Ace Hardware after a man was accused of shoplifting by store employees. Officers reviewed surveillance footage of the store entrance and observed the man, later identified as Ched Bayles, entering the business with a brown shopping bag.

A few minutes later on the tape, officers observed the Bayles leaving the store with the same bag. An Ace employee followed the Bayles out of the store, asking to see his receipt, believing he stole products.

Bayles provided the employee with six items, adding up to $38.54, according to the report. After being asked to come back into the store, Bayles allegedly stated, “don’t touch me,” and walked away. Another Ace employee attempted to chase down Bayles.

Maricopa Police were able to locate and detain Bayles within the hour on West Edison Road. After he was read his Miranda warnings, Bayles allegedly admitted he did steal the items but gave them back. He claimed he lost his money and that was the reason he took the items.

Ched Bayles was booked into Pinal County Jail on suggested charges of shoplifting, as well as pre-existing charges of failure to appear and a probation warrant.

Bayles had been arrested previously in 2017 on similar shoplifting charges in addition to assault.

James Jamison (PCSO)

A Maricopa man was arrested Friday morning on suspicion of assault, disorderly conduct and possession of narcotics.

Maricopa Police were dispatched to a residence on West Tamara Lane, where reports came in of James Jamison, 51, striking another man with a 5-inch rebar rod. When officers arrived on the scene, Jamison had already fled on foot. Police made contact with Jamison’s girlfriend, who stated everything started because of an argument about Jamison allegedly using methamphetamine and heroin again.

According to the report, the woman stated Jamison kicked her in the face then went after one of her family members with the rebar, striking the side of the man’s ribcage. The brother of the man got involved and was able to hold back Jamison, giving them time to get the rebar away from him, according to the report. Jamison allegedly attacked the brother, resulting in facial scratch marks that MPD identified.

Officers reported later finding Jamison at the community pool, where they placed him under arrest. Officers searched Jamison and allegedly discovered heroin and a drug pipe in the pockets of his shorts.

James Jamison was booked and transported to Pinal County Jail.

Raul Ontiveros carries the U.S. flag on his run along SR 347 for the commemoration of Sept. 11, 2001. Photo by Kyle Norby

Every Sept. 11, we remember those we lost in one of history’s greatest tragedies in 2001. Mountain Pointe High School graduate Raul Ontiveros is paying his respects in a different way.

The buzz about someone running along State Route 347 with an American flag quickly spread as Ontiveros made his way out of town and pressed on, holding the flag with purpose. When approached and asked why he was doing this, Ontiveros made it clear that this wasn’t about him, it was about what this day in history means for so many Americans.

“This is how I am remembering 9/11,” Ontiveros said. “I come from a military family. I consider myself a patriot.”

Raul explained having recently graduated from high school, his goal now was to become a firefighter. High schoolers today are of the generation born after Sept. 11, 2001, and must learn about it like any other historical event, through videos and textbooks.

“Ya know, to be honest, I was only about 1 year old when it happened,” Ontiveros said. “But just thinking about that day pisses me off.”

Being a man on a mission, Ontiveros did not have much time to talk. He planned on getting to the halfway mark on the 347 before turning and running back to Maricopa.

Other Maricopans share their memories of Sept. 11, 2001: