It’s been about a year since Banner Casa Grande Medical Center received its daVinci Xi Surgical System. This advanced piece of technology has served the community well in the months that it’s been used, with 433 robotic surgical procedures performed and documented at the hospital, from Sept. 19, 2017, to July 31, 2018.

“This surgical robot is more than just about having the best technology available,” said Rona Curphy, CEO of Banner Casa Grande Medical Center. “Our main goal is making sure our patients have the best possible surgical outcomes. We really have been pleased that we can provide such a great service to the people that live in our community.”

Since its inception, the daVinci Xi Surgical System has helped surgeons at Banner Casa Grande perform more than 400 hernia repairs, and nearly 150 colon resections. Other treatments that have been performed using this technology include spleen and bladder surgical procedures. Patients who have undergone some of these procedures have been able to take advantage of the benefits of the robot, including a shorter length of stay in the hospital, fewer complications, and less blood loss.

The da Vinci Xi system uses four robotic arms that provide surgeons with greater precision, control and access to areas that are otherwise hard to reach. Surgeons control the movements of the arms, performing complex surgeries with only a few small incisions. The robotic arms include mechanical wrists that bend and rotate in ways similar to the movements of a human wrist. To see if you qualify for a robotic surgical procedure using the daVinci Xi Surgical System, please consult with your primary care physician.

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