Barbara Pietrzak — taking care of Maricopa’s teachers


From time to time will profile Maricopa Unified School District Employees so that both new and old residents can put faces with names and get to know the individuals who contribute daily to education in Maricopa.

Barbara Pietrzak has an anniversary this month–20 years as an employee of the school district! She and her husband raised their children here, and she recalls fondly the quiet and safety of a Maricopa with a population of about 1,000 residents. Shopping was always done with an ice chest, and her home, built in 1982, was the newest one in town until Rancho El Dorado began construction. How long have you lived in Maricopa and where did you live before that?

Pietrzak: We moved to Maricopa in August of 1985, coming here from Arizona City. How long have you worked for MUSD?

Pietrzak: Since August 1987. (She received her 20-year service award at the end of school last year.) What is the nature of your duties?

Pietrzak: I have recently been reclassified as Human Resource Specialist for certified staff. I print administrator and teacher contracts, review transcripts for movement on the salary schedule, enter new hires into the payroll system, take care of district- offered benefits, submit workers’ compensation injury reports and do verifications of employment on certified staff.

At the District Office we are still defining our jobs now that we have an HR Director, Heidi Fawcett. What is the best thing about your job?

Pietrzak: I really like being able to help people, whether it be with their certification process or offering medical benefits. I work with a great group of ladies. What about your family and your personal hobbies and interests?

Pietrzak: I live with my husband of 31 years, our oldest daughter and two wonderful grandchildren. Our son is in San Diego at Marine boot camp, and our middle daughter is learning how to make better choices.

I love to read, and I enjoy spending time with my grandkids.

Photo by Joyce Hollis