Bartle: Preview of fall magazine


In our endless effort to create our best magazine ever with each edition, you’ll find five sections — People, Family, Business, Government, Home and Food — and a lot of great content in each inside. (I know, I’m biased.)

I think you’ll really enjoy learning about some of your notable neighbors. Old timers (in residency, not age) Eddie Rodriguez and Tracy Davis and relative newcomers Chuck Morene and Laura Walsh are all making an impact on our community. An organization doing the same is the Maricopa Historical Society. This group of dedicated volunteers is passionate about preserving and promoting Maricopa’s prolific past.

We have a great tale (pardon the pun) of a family that rescued a stray dog (or was it Griffin who rescued the family?). You’ll learn about a successful school — actually, two — that started with an idea, a flier at the Post Office and an extra room in the house. A new feature will share what the teens already know — what’s trending.

Ever wonder what that monstrosity of a manufacturing facility is along the railroad tracks east of White and Parker Road? Wonder no more; details are inside. Also inside is a directory of local businesses and story about the man behind a soon-to-be Maricopa success story — Fast & Friendly Car Wash.

We continue to introduce you to your elected officials and hope you learn something new about folks who want to be your elected officials. I was amazed at the pushback we got from asking candidates a simple question requiring a simple (as in one-word simple) answer: Do you support MUSD’s override proposal? As an elected official and former candidate,

I’m empathetic to their desire to avoid the dreaded three-letter word that starts with “t” and ends in “x.” As a voter, I have no sympathy for you: Suck it up and tell your future constituents the truth. I for one give credit to (wannabe) politicians who give straight answers, even when they differ from mine.

What would your backyard look like if you invested a hundred grand in it? It could resemble an island paradise like the Tortosa pad featured. And if you’re getting ready to plant, an expert suggests you consider the ocotillo. Find out why in Home.

Food glorious food … While we don’t have hot sausage or mustard, the blackened ahi, pizza and pumpkin cake make Food a must-read.

We hope you find this to be our “best magazine ever.” But even if you don’t — especially if you don’t — please give me your feedback. It will go a long way to helping us achieve that goal next time ‘round.

Thanks for your readership!

Scott Bartle
520-568-0040 ext. 4