Jessica Westmiller, right, is the winner of the Best Mom InMaricopa and Maggie Witt, left, won second place. They are with 72SOLD's Jim Carlisto, presenting sponsor of the contest. [Bryan Mordt]

Two words describe the three winners of 2022 Best Mom InMaricopa contest. 

“Absolutely amazing,” declared Jim Carlisto of 72SOLD, a presenting sponsor for the contest. “I don’t know how they accomplish it all – the time management to fulfill the needs of everyone in the family is absolutely amazing.” 

The description applies, of course, to so many moms and the crucial roles they play. It was an easy decision to get involved with this year’s program, Carlisto added, as “there is not a greater job or task in the whole world than being mom.” 

Jessica Westmiller – First place 

A crisis leader for the Chandler Fire Department, Westmiller is mom to Dante, 15, Brynn, 13, Chloe, 10, and Rowen, 10. Dante wrote in his nomination that “she supports me and my siblings in any way possible. She is the most caring and loving person I know.” 

Jessica Westmiller, center, is surrounded by her family. She received her prize from Jim Carlisto of 72SOLD. [Bryan Mordt]
Westmiller said many moms could have earned this honor. She and her husband, Jamie, emphasized the “importance of being part of a family, being involved and caring for others.” 

A Maricopan since 2004, Westmiller describes herself as a “lifelong social worker.” Her job requires a strong support system both within and outside the family. 

The best part about being mom, she said, is “watching them succeed and seeing them grow, change and evolve as they become who they are supposed to be.” 

Westmiller’s prize package totaled $1,925. 72SOLD is providing dinner for two at Harrah’s Chop, Block & Brew as well as a facial from The Spa at Harrah’s. Additional prizes include:

The first place package included a $200 bill credit from Electrical District 3, family photo session from Victor Moreno Photography, a house cleaning from The Maids of Maricopa and several other prizes. [Bryan Mordt]

Maggie Witt – Second place 

After reading the words her 16-year-old daughter Keira wrote in her nomination – “she is always a shoulder to lean on and my built-in best friend” – Witt admitted, “It literally brought me to tears.” 

Maggie Witt, center, was nominated by daughter Keira Shaw, left. Witt received her prize from Jim Carlisto of 72SOLD. [Bryan Mordt]
Witt also balances taking care of her family with her career as a kindergarten teacher at Legacy Traditional School in Chandler. She says it helps that Keira and brother Colten, 13, are both “really good kids.” 

Witt focuses on some basics that cannot be overlooked. “You want your kids to be honest, to be good people and make good choices,” she asserts. “As parents, you just do what you have to do.” 

Like Westmiller, Witt is enjoying being a witness to the positive changes taking place. 

From seeing how they do in school and being healthy and active to “becoming themselves. They’re like little adults right now and you get a glimpse of the people they want to be.” 

Witt, who has lived in Maricopa since 2005, received $475 in prizes that include: 

Lou Hunt – Third Place 

Reading has always been as essential part of the learning process for Hunt, mother of nine and grandmother of 41. 

Lou Hunt, far left, with her family.

“We didn’t have a television for 31, 32 years,” she revealed during a telephone conversation from Idaho, where she is visiting family. “We went to the library and got books and did crafts. My husband would read to the kids every night, sometimes for three or four hours.” 

After her youngest was in school, Hunt became an assistant teacher in the Montessori method of education. She worked in that field for nearly 20 years but was always home for her own children during the summer and school breaks. 

Hunt utilizes the teaching background with her grandkids today, helping them via Zoom with reading, spelling and more. “It’s just a daily thing that I do,” she shared. 

Daughter Kaylea Stoddard wrote in her nomination that her mom is the “most kind person you will ever meet. She always has a happy, positive attitude. Momma Lou, as we call her, is my hero!” 

Her $300 in prizes include: