Sailor’s mom thanks Maricopa for homecoming


On behalf of The Blue Star Mothers of Maricopa , I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community of Maricopa for joining us this past Thursday to welcome home one of Maricopa's military sons.

MM2/SW Blane Davis returned home after a three-year deployment in Japan. It is a true blessing when one of our military members is able to return home to the smiles and hugs from their loved ones. We, as a society, must realize the sacrifices our military members and their families make –  missing holidays, special occasions and family milestones together. Whether our children are in the galley of a ship, the intelligence office or the frontlines, they are our children and we always fear for them. We do not rest easy until they are in our sight. For that reason, we need to continue acknowledging and sharing in the return of our military members.

It is always special when we are able to welcome a service member home. I admit that for me, this was indeed a VERY special homecoming. It was 1,095 days ago, the Monday after Mother's Day 2011, that my hero MM2/SW Davis left US soil to begin his deployment in Japan.  

In closing, I want to extend a special thanks to some local groups for helping us welcome MM2/SW Davis home: Lt. Richard Aguirre (MPD) for his escort; Thunderbird Farms Volunteer Fire Department; local Scout members; Maricopa Motorcycle Riders; The Ladies Auxiliary; Mayor Christian Price and Councilman Bridger Kimball; candidates for city council Henry Wade, Lee Feiles, Marty Hermanson; John Bemis, director of Maricopa Public Works, for the "Welcome Home" sign at the city's north entrance; Rand Del Cotto, owner of Raceway Bar and Grill, for use of the establishment; and the Maricopa community en masse.

Maricopa, thank you. MM2/SW Davis, welcome home and thank you for your service.