A burned-out car sits on a flatbed truck after bursting into flames Sunday on Honeycutt Road near the Rancho Mirage community. The car had been struck by an errant boat. Photo by Caleb Erosa

Honeycutt Road is closed in the vicinity of the Rancho Mirage neighborhood after an unusual accident.

Asphalt along the roadway, near North Rose Road, was damaged Sunday afternoon when a boat apparently detached from a vehicle and struck a car, according to reports. That car then burst into flames and was destroyed.

No injuries were reported.

In a Facebook post, Maricopa police said the Honeycutt Road between White and Parker and Hartman roads will be closed until the roadway can be repaired. No timetable for reopening was provided.

Motorists are advised to seek an alternate route to and from Rancho Mirage and Tortosa, with the best option likely Bowlin Road to the south.