DPS bomb squad brought in its robot to neutralize a suspicious package at the Maricopa Post Office. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

A low battery in a Bluetooth speaker that had been disposed of in a trash can outside the Maricopa Post Office made suspicious noises that resulted in a bomb squad being called in.

Hathaway Avenue was closed for several hours while the Department of Public Safety Bomb Squad sent in a robot to use blasting caps and destroy the unit.

The call came in from a Post Office customer at 9:26 this morning. She described a ticking noise coming from the trash can at a front corner outside. A postal employee and a Maricopa Police officer determined there was a ticking or thumping noise coming from the trash can.

The postmaster general in Washington, D.C., contacted MPD, and the six employees working at the Post Office were evacuated.

MPD spokesman Ricardo Alvarado said businesses in the area were given the option of evacuating or not. Some closed for several hours because traffic could not access their buildings. Hathaway was closed from State Route 347 to Wilson.

After the bomb squad blew up the package wrapped in black, it was impossible to see if there was an identifying name or address. There was enough left to determine it was Bluetooth speaker.

Alvarado said because the battery was dying it creating a thumping noise that was amplified by the dome shape of the trash can lid.