A Global Water employee wades through running water on Honeycutt Road. Photo by Mason Cajellas

A water main ruptured near Butterfield Elementary School on Monday, shutting down lanes on both sides of West Honeycutt Road.

Water gushed from the buried line for nearly an hour before Global Water technicians could stop the torrent. Maricopa Police blocked off inroads at both John Wayne Parkway and Duncan Road until the water had subsided.

“There had been a large break but it seems to be isolated now,” Global Water Client Services Supervisor Beth Huerta said.

Huerta also said that in the past a nearby main on Duncan Road had ruptured but the two mains were separate and the incidents unrelated.

The water main belongs to Global Water, a private entity. However, employees from the City of Maricopa as well Maricopa Unified School District and Arizona Department of Transportation were also on scene to monitor the situation.

Several cars in a nearby shopping center were moved to avoid any potential water damage.

No serious damage has been reported.

Photo by Mason Callejas
Photo by Mason Callejas


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